Lavender Production, Markets, and Agritourism

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By Katherine L. Adam

Published: 2006

Updated: October 2018 ~ by Thea Rittenhouse - NCAT Agriculture Specialist



8 pages


This publication is intended for a beginning lavender grower with some horticultural experience. The publication discusses geographic and climatic considerations for lavender, soil-preparation and cultivation techniques, lavender propagation, and field production. The publication also addresses marketing options for lavender, including essential oils, essential-oil distillation, direct marketing of a variety of lavender products, and information and resources about lavender agritourism and value-added lavender products. It also includes a list of additional resources about lavender production.

Table of Contents

Suitable Location for Lavender Production
Essential Oils
Direct Marketing
Lavender and Agritourism
Requirements for Success in Lavender Production
Further Resources

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