Crop Insurance Options for Specialty, Diversified, and Organic Farmers

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By Jeff Schahczenski, NCAT

Published: September 2012

Updated: April 2018



20 pages


This publication reviews federally subsidized crop insurance, with special attention to options available to specialty, diversified, and organic farmers. Generally, the greater the diversity or specialization of the crops and livestock farmers grow, the more difficult it can be for them to obtain insurance that fully covers the value and risks of their production. This publication gives several examples of using alternative crop-insurance policies that can offer some degree of protection from significant market-price changes and the multiple perils of farming that can impact yield. It gives special attention to understanding whole-farm revenue insurance options, which may be of particular interest to growers of diverse specialty and organic crops and livestock.

Table of Contents

Organic Production and Crop Insurance
Specialty-Crop Insurance
Whole-Farm Revenue Insurance
Three Examples
Further Resources

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