Phenology Web Links: Sequence of Bloom, Floral Calendars, What's in Bloom


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By Steve Diver

Published: 2002

Updated: 2002




Please note: This ATTRA publication has been archived or discontinued.
Therefore, the information contained in it may not be up to date.


Phenology is the study of the annual cycles of plants and animals and how they respond to seasonal changes in their environment. Links to many online calendars and other references are provided, including topics such as bird and butterfly phenology and phenology for kids.

Table of Contents

What is Phenology
Uses of Phenology
Floral Calendars for Wildflowers, Native Plants, Herbaceous Perennials
What is in Bloom
Floral Calendars and Bee Forage
Bird Phenology
Butterfly Phenology
Phenology and Pest Management
General Resources on Phenology and Plant Watch Networks
Phenology for Kids and School Programs
Web Articles on Phenology and Sequence of Bloom
Nature Notes and Phenological Observations
Phenological Sayings and Observations
Climatic Information—Astrological Data, Sun, Moon, Climate

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