Pastured Poultry Nutrition and Forages

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By Terrell Spencer ~ NCAT Agriculture Specialist

Published: August 2013

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20 pages


This publication explores the important role that forages play in pastured poultry production for either meat or egg production. Research on the effects of raising poultry on pasture has increased greatly in recent times, with an ever-growing body of scientific work. This publication pays special attention to the nutritional benefits of poultry foraging on pasture: regarding both the birds’ health and the impact that forages have on the nutritional and flavor qualities of the meat and eggs.

Table of Contents

Advantages of Forage Consumption by Poultry
Forage Impacts on Poultry Meat and Egg Quality
Factors Affecting Forage Consumption
Insects and Other Animals as Forages
Utilizing Native Pastures
Establishing Poultry Pastures
Protecting Pasture from Poultry
Appendix 1: Sprouted Oats

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