Vermicomposting: The Basics

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By Richard Myers

Published: October 2013

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12 pages


This publication is an introduction to creating and using vermicomposting bins to make compost. It covers the type of worms to use; food and bedding for the worms; introducing the worms to the bin; maintaining the worms through proper feeding and temperature regulation; and removing the compost from the bin. It also discusses various kinds of bins and how to make them. Finally, it includes a "troubleshooting" section with frequently asked questions concerning problems that might arise with a vermicomposting system.

Table of Contents

Introduction: What is Vermicomposting?
How Is Vermicompost Created?
The Bin: Will That Be Wood Or Plastic?
How Big Should My Bin Be?
Food and Bedding. And Sand?
How Many Worms Do I Need?
What Worm Species Works Best?
How Do I Introduce and Maintain My Worms?
How Do I Harvest My Vermicompost?
Vermicompost Troubleshooting
Further Resources

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