Putting a Hand on Them - How to Tell When Your Lamb is Finished

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By Dave Scott

Published: March 2014

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If you raise lambs, you know the importance of harvesting your animals at exactly the right time. Lambs that are over- or under-finished will produce meat that is less desirable to consumers. Mastering the ability to determine when your lambs are correctly finished at 0.20 to 0.25 inch of back fat can result in a superior product in the marketplace, one that surpasses your competitors and creates demand among consumers. This brief tip sheet tells you how. For those raising meat for their own consumption, this video will answer the question, "When is my lamb ready to be butchered?"

Want to see this technique in action? Check out our accompanying ATTRA video:

Table of Contents

Feeling for Twenty Hundreds
Does the Fat Slip?
Checking for Accuracy

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