California Guide to Labor Laws for Small Farms

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By Marisa Alcorta, Jessy Beckett and Reggie Knox

Published: 3/1/2014

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44 pages


This guide is intended to help farmers become familiar with the labor laws that govern California agriculture as they pertain to having someone work on your farm, whether in an educational capacity or not. It includes basic information about farm labor law as well as discussion of alternative options for small growers who host interns or have an apprenticeship program. This guide is written for California and does not discuss the labor laws in other states; however the information on federal laws and alternative options may be applicable in all states and may help lay the foundation for understanding state-specific requirements.

Table of Contents

Introduction Most Farm Interns are Considered Employees Under the Law Is it Possible to Legally Have an Apprenticeship Program on My Farm? Rules for Paying Farm Workers (Including Interns) Exemptions from Minimum Wage and Overtime Creating a Safe Environment for Your Workers Workers' Compensation Insurance Payroll and Income Taxes Employer Posting Requirements Conclusion Resources Appendix Citations

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