Sustainable Weed Management for Small and Medium-Scale Farms

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By Zoe Carlberg

Published: October 2014

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16 pages


Managing croplands according to natures principles will reduce weed problems on horticultural crops, or row crops, in small and medium-sized operations. Creativity is key to devising sustainable cropping systems that prevent weed problems. This publication discusses several strategies, both proactive and reactive, as alternatives to conventional tillage systems. Options include mulching, competition, crop rotations, and low-toxicity control alternatives. A resource list provides sources of further information.

Table of Contents

The Successful Weed
The Root Cause of Weeds
Understanding Weed Seed Banks and Germination
Proactive Weed Management Strategies
Reactive Weed Management Strategies
Edible Weeds
Case Study: A Whole-Farm Approach to Managing Weeds in Onions
Further Resources

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