Cover Crop (340) in Organic Systems

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By Rex Dufour (NCAT); Sarah Brown, Ben Bowell and Carrie Sendak (Oregon Tilth); Mace Vaughan and Eric Mader (Xerces Society)

Published: August 2013

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20 pages


This document provides an overview of how the NRCS Cover Crop (340) conservation practice can be implemented on organic operations. It discusses different purposes for the practice's use, design considerations, and how installation might differ in organic systems. Specifically, it outlines techniques and specifications to help NRCS conservationists and partners meet the requirements of the NRCS Cover Crop (340) practice standard and comply with USDA National Organic Program regulations.

Table of Contents

- Purpose
- Cover Crops in Organic Systems
- National Organic Program Regulations
- Selecting a Cover Crop
- Table 1. Cover Crops for Organic Production
- Table 2. Cover Crop Species and Function by Region Field Preparation
- Planting
- Table 3. Cover Crop Planting Methods
- Cover Crop Termination Options
- Annual Cover Cropping in Perennial Systems
- Appendix A. Table 4. Cover Crop Interseeding Systems
- Appendix B. References and Resources

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