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Grapes: Organic Production

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By Rex Dufour

Published: 2006

Updated: 2006



44 pages


Organic grape production provides a fairly predictable economic return in irrigated parts of the arid West. In the East, organic grape production is complicated by a climate that fosters insect and disease problems. Production is compounded by consumer preferences for grape cultivars (both dessert and wine grapes) that are difficult to grow in the East. This guide presents organic management options for diseases, insects and weeds, discusses cultivar choices in terms of disease resistance, and briefly presents marketing ideas for eastern labrusca-type grapes and organic wines. References and an appendix on disease resistance rating follow the narrative.

Table of Contents

Geographical Considerations and Disease Management
Geographical Considerations and Insect and Mite Management
Plant Parasitic Nematodes
Vertebrate Pests
Alleyway Vegetation Management
Grazing Options
Economics and Marketing
Wine Making and Sustainable Energy
Further Resources

Appendix: Disease Resistance Rating Chart for Grape Cultivars

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