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Greenhouse IPM: Sustainable Thrips Control

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By Lane Greer and Steve Diver

Published: 2000

Updated: 2000



18 pages


This publication summarizes IPM for greenhouse thrips on both vegetable and ornamental crops. Monitoring, biological controls, biorational pesticides, and insect growth regulators are discussed. Supplemental tables include information on the newest biopesticides and biological control organisms.

Table of Contents

Biology and Identification
Crop Scouting and Trapping
Cultural Controls
Biological Control
Biorational Pesticides
Insect Growth Regulators
Summary and Further Resources
Further Reading
Specialists in Thrips Control
Biological Control Suppliers
Appendix I: Monitoring and Scouting Techniques
Appendix II: Beneficial Organisms used in Greenhouses
Appendix III: Biorational Pesticides

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