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The Irrigator's Pocket Guide

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By Mike Morris, Vicki Lynne, Nancy Matheson, Barbara Bellows

Published: September

Updated: 2015





Created with input from irrigation experts in over 20 states, the Irrigator's Pocket Guide belongs in every irrigator's hip pocket. It is a take-to-the-field guide that demystifies the art of irrigation management, explains everything you need to know about soil moisture and crop water use, and shows you how to optimize crop yields while conserving water, soil, and energy. More than 30,000 copies have already been sold. The Equipment Maintenance half of the book features exceedingly clear and detailed maintenance and troubleshooting procedures for pumps, motors, engines, control panels, and distribution systems. The Water Maintenance guide on the other side of the book provides a step-by-step guide to irrigation water management for sprinkler, surface, and microirrigation systems. The book is 158 pages long, has durable waterproof covers, and measures 4"x 6½”. It includes 44 diagrams and tables, 14 pages of handy conversions and formulas, and irrigation guidelines for over 30 common crops.

Table of Contents

1. Water Management
Know Your Soils
Know Your Soil Moisture
Know How Much Water You Are Applying
Know the Water Needs of Your Crops
Efficient Surface Irrigation
Efficient Sprinkler Irrigation
Efficient Microirrigation
Water Quality and Salinity

2.Equipment Maintenance
Recommended Installations
Pumping Plant Maintenance
Distribution System Maintenance
Saving Energy

Note: Digital downloads are in full color. Printed, mailed copies are only available in black & white.


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