Managing the Sustainable Farm's Risks with Insurance: Navigating Common Options

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By Rachel Armstrong ~ Executive Director and Attorney, Farm Commons

Published: June 2015

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34 pages

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In this guide, we are using an extreme weather event as our starting point to talk about a number of unfortunate incidents. In reality, all of the situations that we will discuss are common risks that can occur any time on a farm. Injuries to employees or guests and property damage can financially flatten a farm as quickly as a natural disaster. But, there are ways to be prepared so that if or when disaster strikes, whether it's a storm or an injury to yourself or your customers, it's not the end of your business.

Table of Contents

The Reality of Farm Risks
Risk Analysis for Your Farm
How Insurance Works
Risk 1. Crop Damage and Livestock Loss
Risk 2. Property Damage
Risk 3. Injuries to Guests and Customers
On-Farm Injuries
Non-Farm Injuries
Off-Farm Injuries
Tips for Choosing an Insurance Agent
Risk 4. Injuries to Employees
Tales from the Field: One Farmer's Path to
Finding Insurance Coverage
Risk 5. Farmer and Business Partner

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