Farm Employment Law: Know the Basics & Make Them Work for Your Farm

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By Rachel Armstrong ~ Executive Director and Attorney, Farm Commons

Published: August 2015

Updated: October 2015

38 pages

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Whether you own a farm, work on a farm, or advocate for farmers, we can all agree that good working conditions are in everyone's interest. Of course, that goal might be the only thing that's easy to agree upon. Exactly how to achieve a good working environment for everyone is much more difficult. American farm employment law has evolved over many years to reflect a vision of good working environments on farms. We may not all agree on whether current farm employment law is the best way to achieve the goal, but it is the way that we are legally required to follow.

Table of Contents

Independent Contractors
Spotlight On: Uber and Independent Contractors
Interns and Apprentices
Tales From the Field: Creating a Model for Legal On-Farm Internships
Minimum Wage
Workers' Compensation
Rachel Responds: Employee Manuals
Unemployment Insurance
Work Crews, Seasonal Workers, and
Migrant Workers
Work Crews in the News

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