Sample Employee Manual for a Farm

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By Rachel Armstrong ~ Executive Director and Attorney, Farm Commons

Published: January 2013

Updated: June 2014


16 pages

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Setting clear expectations can do wonders to create a smooth work experience for both farmer and employee. An employee manual is an excellent way to help set expectations. By creating a written record, the farmer, supervisors, and employees are better able to fulfill the expectations set for them. A manual also provides a neutral route for resolving issues.

Table of Contents

1. Welcome and Purpose
2. History of Farm
3. Philosophy of Farm
4. Inclement Weather
5. Payroll
6. Timecards
7. Days and Hours of Work
8. Days Off and Leave
9. Benefits
10. Employment Policies
11. No Tolerance of Harassment
12. Alcohol and Drugs
13. Safety
14. Smoking
15. Cell Phones
16. Housekeeping
17. You and Your Supervisor
18. Attendance Policy
19. Discipline Procedure
20. Termination
Signature Page

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