Tipsheet: Leaf Miners - Botanical Control Formulations

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By Justin Duncan, NCAT Agriculture Specialist

Published: August 2016

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Leaf miners are members of several different insect orders. They are primarily either flies (Diptera) or moths (Lepidoptera) but are sometimes beetles (Coleoptera). Agromyzidae is a fly and is very commonly the culprit of agricultural damages. The life cycle can be completed several times a year in warmer regions and fewer in northern areas. In the fall, the remaining pupae in the soil overwinter and then emerge as adults when it warms up in the spring. These mate and the females lay eggs in host plants where the larvae tunnel in between the leaf surfaces, feeding on chlorophyll-laden cells, leaving tell-tale trails in their wake. These pests slowly reduce the plant's ability to photosynthesize and also provide entry points for disease, further weakening crops. By using certain botanical formulations leaf miners, can be either killed or deterred from laying eggs.

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Chili Peppers
Walnut Leaves

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