Plug and Transplant Production for Organic Systems

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By Lane Greer and Katherine L. Adam

Published: 0000

Updated: 2005



16 pages


Since the few large commercial suppliers of plant propagation plugs do not produce organic plugs, growers must either produce their own or buy them locally. This publication presents information on raising vegetable and ornamental plugs and transplants, but it is not intended as an introduction to the subject. Rather, it is a complementary piece of information, focusing on organic rather than conventional production methods and on conformity to the Final Rule of the National Organic Program. Although much of the research cited covers ornamentals, the information applies to vegetables as well.

Table of Contents

Equipment: Seeders
Nutrition: Organic Fertilizers for Container Systems
Recent Research on Fertilization
Recent Research on Irrigation
Lighting and Growth Regulation
Scheduling: Holding Plugs
Pest Management
SARE Farmer/Rancher Research
Further Reading
Web Sites
Suppliers of Plug Trays
Suppliers of Seeders

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