Farm Food Safety and Organic Certification Co-Compliance Guide for Specialty Crop Farmers

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By NCAT Specialists

Published: November 2016

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22 pages


ALBA and NCAT have developed this Co-Compliance Guide to Food Safety and Organic Certification to help specialty crop farmers and farm organizations understand the practices and documentation required to comply with both food safety and organic regulations from planting through post-harvest activity. In an effort to thwart the burden of management and recordkeeping for two different standards, we intend to show where commonalities and differences exist. This Guide is cross-referenced to the bilingual Food Safety and Organic Certification Co-Compliance Chart, a tool that provides a quick reference of compliance records required for a food safety audit or an organic inspection.

Table of Contents

Federal Laws and Regulations
Record-Keeping, Audit Trail and Traceability
Land Use History and Management
Worker Health and Hygiene
Natural Resources and Domesticated and Wild Animals
Crop Nutrient and Plant Protection Management
Agricultural Water
Harvest and Post-Harvest Handling of Produce

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