Grazier's One-Stop Resource Packet

Cattle Grazing


Here it is! Everything you need to start planning your managed grazing system. Use the Clip and Weigh Forage Yield Calculator to measure forage yield. Plug that into the Grazier's Calculator to design your multi-paddock managed grazing system. Then be sure to employ the Monitoring Checklist to record your grazing successes and challenges. And there is more: the Grazing Plan Checklist keeps you on track and Grazier's Math explains why you are doing what. Download this handy resource today to take the guesswork out of designing a sustainable grazing system.

Table of Contents

Clip and Weigh Forage Yield Calculator

Grazing Plan Checklist

Monitoring Checklist

Grazier's Math: Matching Forage to Animal Demand

Grazier's Calculator: Forage Production and Grazing Demand

Got questions? We have the answers in the ATTRA Grazing Planning Manual and Workbook

Note: Digital downloads are in full color. Printed, mailed copies are only available in black & white.


This page was last updated on: February 4, 2019