Beyond Fresh: A Food Processing Guide for Texas Farmers

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By Sue Beckwith and Mike Morris

Published: January 2019

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134 pages

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Taking a "Farmer First Approach," this workbook helps you decide what products to create, how to make and sell them, and at what scale. It includes chapters on developing products, dealing with regulations and food safety laws, designing labels and packaging, and seeking funding for your new food enterprise. Hard copies are available at for $19.95 + S&H.

Table of Contents

  • Overview of the Decision Process

  • Self-Assessment (Is Value-Added Right for Me?)

  • Product Development, Recipes, and Production

  • Storage and Distribution

  • Can I Make Money?

  • Regulations

  • Labels and Packaging

  • Selling

  • Market Trends

  • Running Your Business

  • Funding

  • Appendices

    • Ready to Launch?

    • Economic Impact through Value Chains

    • Economic Benefits of Local Small-Scale Food Production

    • Media Tips for Farmers

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