Sustainable Pecan Production

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By Steve Diver and Guy Ames

Published: 2000

Updated: 2000



23 pages


In Sustainable Pecan Production we briefly introduce essential knowledge on the basics of pecan culture such as geography, native versus plantation systems, and economics. This is followed by notes on pecan farming techniques that emphasize sustainable and organic production methods: non-chemical weed control; orchard floor vegetation management using legumes; pecan nutrition with emphasis on organic fertilizer options; and recommendations for organic and least-toxic control of pecan insects and diseases. A selection of pecan literature and Web resources available from the Extension Service and horticultural industry are provided as further sources of information.

Table of Contents

Pecan Culture
Insect and Mite Pests
Print Resources
Electronic Resources
IPM Pest Management Supplies
Appendix: Pecan Cultivars Resistant to Pecan Scab

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