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Organic Orchard, Vineyard, and Berry Crop Documentation Forms

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By George Kuepper

Published: 2003

Updated: 2003



22 pages


In order to become certified organic, producers must demonstrate to an accredited certifier that their farm operation complies with National Organic Program regulations. The 17 forms in this package are provided as tools that orchardists and viticulturists can use for documenting practices, inputs, and activities that demonstrate compliance with regulations or that assist in other aspects of farm record keeping.

Table of Contents

A. Orchard / Vineyard Activity Log
B. Orchard / Vineyard Inputs Log
C. Orchard / Vineyard Establishment Year Log
D. Planting Stock Record
E. Cover Crop Seed Record
F. Organic Planting Stock and Seed Search Record
G. Fertility / Soil Monitoring Log
H. Pest / Weed Monitoring Log
I. Harvest Record
J. On-Farm Cooler / Cold Storage Record for Organic Crops
K. On-Farm Cooler / Cold Storage Record for SPLIT Operations
L. Off-Farm Cooler / Cold Storage Record for Organic Crops
M. Storage Pest Inputs
N. Equipment Cleanout Log
O. Equipment Settings Record
P. Sales Record
Q. Compost Production Record

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