Transgenic Crops


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By Jeff Schahczenski and Katherine Adam

Published: 2006

Updated: 2006



32 pages


This publication describes the basics of genetic modification or genetic engineering for agricultural purposes and presents a brief history of the technology and the governing policies surrounding it. The publication offers a brief overview of the main agricultural crops that have been genetically modified, the characteristics they express, and the market roles they play. Unintended consequences, economic considerations, and safety concerns surrounding the cultivation and dissemination of transgenic crops are also discussed. Biopharmaceutical aspects of transgenic crops are also briefly addressed. Economic, legal, and management concerns associated with these types of crops are discussed, as well as political and regulatory aspects. Implications of transgenic technologies for sustainable agriculture are briefly addressed.

Table of Contents

What Are Transgenic Crops?
Unintended Effects
Commercial Transgenic Crops and Their Traits
Issues Facing Farmers and Ranchers
Crop Yield, Costs, and Profitability
Organic Industry
Influence on Public Research
Industry Concentration and Farmers Right to Save Seed
Regulation of Transgenic Crops and Apportionment of Liability

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