Genetically Modified Crops: Transgenics and Cisgenics

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By Jeff Schahczenski and Katherine Adam

Published: 2006

Updated: June 2018



20 pages


This publication analyzes the utilization of transgenic and cisgenic crops in agricultural production and the consequences they create for farmers, ecosystems, and the economy. It provides an overview of the main agricultural crops that have been genetically modified, the characteristics they express, and the market roles they play.

Table of Contents

What are Genetically Modified Crops?
Commercial Transgenic Crops and Their Traits
Farmers' Concerns: Transgenic Crops
Crop Yield, Costs, Economics, and Other Impacts
Impacts of GMOs on Organic Farmers
Industry Concentration of Seed Ownership
Regulation of Genetically Modified Crops
Concluding Remarks
Further Resources

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