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New Hampshire

Amelot Alternative Energy, Inc.
164 Burke Street
Nashua, NH 03060

Office:  (508) 398-4265

E-mail: agiles@amelotholdings.com

Amelot Alternative Energy, Inc., (AAE) a wholly owned subsidiary of AMHD, incorporated in the state of New Hampshire is focused on the production of renewable fuels, with an emphasis on Bio-diesel. AAE will operate facilities strategically located throughout the United States.

Last updated 2009-03-25

Dept. of Energy - Alternative Fueling Station Locator

Web site: The Station Locator can search our database of fueling stations for the entire country to find alternative fuel stations that offer compressed natural gas (CNG), liquefied petroleum gas (LPG or propane), 85% ethanol (E85), electric, biodiesel, hydrogen, and liquefied natural gas (LNG). The results are displayed in a map with details for each station.

Last updated 2010-07-09


Web site: Allows you to search for gasoline, diesel and alternative fuel retail locations across the country.

Last updated 2010-06-29

MBP, Bioenergy, LLC
90 Mechanic Street #8
N. Conway, NH 03860

Office:  (603) 356-0090

E-mail: all@mbpbioenergy.com

The Mission of MBP, Bioenergy, LLC is to expand the breadth of energy conservation by the promotion of a sound waste to energy program at the point where the waste is being produced. The goal of MBP, Bioenergy, LLC will be to place 20 units in each State within the next 12 months with a stated processing goal of 5,000,000 gallons.

Last updated 2009-03-25

E85 Refueling Locations

National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition

Last updated 2009-03-25


toll-free:  (877) 884-3948

E-mail: info@nearbio.com

NearBio is a FREE service that combines the most comprehensive list of US biodiesel stations (retail pumps) and driving directions with easy access from your cell phone or your computer! From anywhere on the road, instantly find the five nearest biodiesel locations. All you need is a city and state, or zip code, or GPS coordinates. You'll receive distance, directions, address, phone number, blends and facility details (when available) for each biodiesel location.

Last updated 2010-03-13

Sprague Energy
Two International Drive, Suite 200
Portsmouth, NH 03801

Office:  (603) 430-7236

E-mail: tkeaveney@spragueenergy.com

Founded in 1870 as the Charles H. Sprague Company, Sprague is one of the largest suppliers of energy and materials handling services in New England with products including: home heating oil, diesel fuels, residual fuels, gasoline and natural gas. Over the years Sprague has aggressively expanded upon its fuel procurement, handling, and delivery expertise. The company's unmatched network of strategically located deep-water terminals also makes it industry's choice for liquid and dry bulk material handling services.

Last updated 2009-03-25

White Mountain Biodiesel
35 Business Park Road
North Haverhill, NH 03774

Office:  (603) 728-7351

E-mail: cograilway@roadrunner.com

E-mail: robertkuhsel@yahoo.com

White Mountain Biodiesel, LLC is a fully diversified biodiesel company. We are engaged in the following activities: * We manufacture and sell biodiesel * We collect, process, buy and sell Waste Restaurant Grease also known as WVO or Yellow Grease * We manufacture and sell specialty products made from biodiesel * We collect and process by-products created during the biodiesel process (i.e. glycerol)* We help farmers and land owners return fallow and unused open land to productivity through the planting and harvesting of oil seed crops * We design, construct and operate biodiesel plants.

Last updated 2010-03-13


ADI Systems Inc.
182 Main Street
Unit 6
Salem, NH 03079

FAX:  (603) 898-3991

Office:  (603) 898-9963

E-mail: acocci@adi.ca

ADI Systems has been involved in approximately 100 full-scale anaerobic system installations throughout the world. Approximately 50 of these systems treat difficult agri-waste from food-related processing, while the remaining systems treat brewery, beverage, and chemical wastes. Each of these systems involves biogas collection and flaring or utilization (in most cases via burning in a boiler to produce hot water and steam). In several instances, utilization has involved cogeneration.

Last updated 2008-08-20

Hadley and Bennett, Inc.
P.O. Box 517
Henniker, NH 03242

FAX:  (603) 428-3851

Office:  (603) 428-3851

E-mail: bennettfarm@conknet.com

Hadley and Bennett, Inc. designs and builds anaerobic digesters. Examples of projects include: 1) Hadley Farm, a dairy in Henniker, NH; 2) Foster Brothers, a dairy in Middlebury, VT; 3) Tait Farm, a veal farm in North Whitefield, ME; 4) Shugah Vale, a dairy in Claremont, NH; 5) Curtin Brothers, a dairy in Oneida, NY; and 6) Bruce Farm, a dairy in Oldensburg, NY.

Last updated 2008-08-20

Ingersoll Rand Energy Systems
30 New Hampshire Ave.
Portsmouth, NH 03801

Office:  (704) 655-4013

E-mail: jay_johnson@irco.com


Last updated 2008-08-20

NorthEast Biogas, LLC - NH

Office:  (518) 439-8757

E-mail: info@northeastbiogas.com

NorthEast Biogas is a developer of biogas projects which help the agricultural and industrial sectors to generate new revenue streams from the professional management of organic waste streams. NorthEast Biogas provides proven, state of the art, modular, biogas technology systems from leading European manufacturers, and a full array of support services including project management, turnkey solutions and ongoing operation and maintenance services.

Last updated 2008-08-20

The AgSTAR Program

Office:  (202) 343-9406

The AgSTAR Program is a voluntary effort jointly sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and the U.S. Department of Energy. The program encourages the use of methane recovery (biogas) technologies at the confined animal feeding operations that manage manure as liquids or slurries. These technologies reduce methane emissions while achieving other environmental benefits.

Last updated 2009-08-17

Energy Efficiency

Adros Energy
5 Northern Blvd
Suite 10
Amherst, NH 03031

Office:  (603) 880-6007

E-mail: info@adrosenergy.com

Adros can tailor solutions to meet the specific requirements of our customers by combining multiple green technologies. We offer products and services in geothermal, solar and wind energy.

Last updated 2010-08-18

170 Daniel Webster Highway
Belmont, NH 03220

toll-free:  (800) 924-6568

E-mail: hepsales@metrocast.net

The foundation for Home Energy Products was laid approximately 25 yrs ago. The business started as a supplier of tools for the building trades. In the fall of 2003 we installed our first Mitsubishi MrSlim Ductless Air Conditioner / Heat Pump. As of 1/1/2010 we have over 900 installs, but who's counting? The increase in oil and gasoline prices in recent years nudged us into renewable energy products. In 2008 we began marketing Wind Turbines and Solar Thermal and Electric Systems. This is a family owned business which also owns and operates the Taylor Rental business next door. This unique relationship allows us access to specialty equipment when needed.

Last updated 2010-03-13

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