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New York

Advanced DC Motors, Inc.
6268 East Molloy Road
East Syracuse, NY 13057

Office:  (315) 434-9303

Founded in July of 1989 we set out to design, manufacture, and market special purposed D.C. and A.C. motors. We did just that by providing a full range of engineering design and application services to our customers, creating high quality special purpose products for a range of applications.

Last updated 2008-08-20

Allegany Alternatives
4800 Ingraham Road
Belmont, NY 14813

Office:  (716) 268-5112

E-mail: neafred@bluefrog.com

Dealer Installation PV Wind

Last updated 2008-08-20

AWS Truewind LLC
463 New Karner Road
Albany, NY 12205

Office:  (518) 213-0044

AWS Truewind actively supports wind project development both on land and offshore. Our project services include wind resource modeling, site identification, permitting, wind resource assessment, wind turbine layouts, energy production forecasts, transmission screening analysis, interconnection engineering, photo simulations, noise analysis, economic and financial analysis, scheduling and forecasting, and performance monitoring. In the field of solar energy, AWS Truewind develops comprehensive programs for clients to achieve a broad range of strategic objectives from technology assessment and demonstration to green power supply and delivery.

Last updated 2008-08-20

Bannertown Power and Light
117 Knott Road
Mayfield, NY 12117

Office:  (518) 661-5445

E-mail: info@bannertownpower.com

Bannetown Power & Light has over 25 years experience installing & servicing Wind, PV, Solar Hot Water Systems & Hydro Systems.

Last updated 2008-08-20

Bishop Enterprises
131 Hickok Avenue
Syracuse, NY 13206

Office:  (315) 463-9017

E-mail: sales@solarsfree.com

Dealer PV Wind

Last updated 2008-08-20

Creative Energy Technologies
10 Gertys Path
PO Box 304
Summit, NY 12175

toll-free:  (888) 305-0278

From HomePower.com

Last updated 2010-06-10

Curtis Instruments
200 Kisco Avenue
Mt. Kisco, NY 10549

Office:  (914) 666-2971

From HomePower.com

Last updated 2008-08-20

Fortis Wind Energy
102 Cherry St.
Ithaca, NY 14850

Office:  (607) 379-9463

"Fortis is the world leader in design and manufacturing of high performance stand alone and grid connected wind turbines in the range from 1400 Watt up to 10 kW. Our reputation is built on twenty-five years of experience in providing innovative solutions for the use of wind energy and over 6000 installations."

Last updated 2010-07-14

Four Winds Renewable Energy
8902 Route 46
Arkport, NY 14807

Office:  (607) 324-9747

E-mail: roy@four-winds-energy.com

Four Winds is a full service renewable energy company, dedicated to providing it's customers with the very best in renewable energy products and services. We offer a wide range of system sizes, from full sized "turn key" systems, right down to providing the "do-it-yourselfer" with the proper components.

Last updated 2008-08-20

Go Solar
63 Laurel Avenue
Riverhead, NY 11901

Office:  (631) 727-2224

E-mail: info@gosolar.com

GO SOLAR specializes in high performance, low maintenance renewable energy applications using solar-electricity, solar thermal, and wind power.

Last updated 2008-08-20

Precise Tool & Mfg. Inc.
9 Coldwater Crescent
Rochester, NY 14127

Office:  (585) 247-0700

FAX:  (585) 247-0746

E-mail: jlauria@precisetool.com

Precise Tool & Mfg. is a state of the art CNC machine shop with over 75 CNC machine tools at its disposal under 150,000 square feet of roof. Our machine tools vary from 3 axis to 5 axis machining centers with the majority being 4 and 5 axis. Precise can machine parts from 2 lbs up to 120,000 lbs specializing in both production and prototype machining. Our facility can turn parts from 1 inch up to 18 feet in diameter and mill parts from 3 inches up to over 400 inches long.

Last updated 2009-04-23

RE Ellison
34642 Countryman Road
Theresa, NY 13691

Office:  (315) 628-0601

E-mail: powersystems@gisco.net

Dealer Installation PV Wind

Last updated 2008-08-20

Small Wind in New York

This page assembled by the American Wind Energy Association provides information specific to public policies, incentive programs, wind resources, and organizational resources for installing and operating a small wind turbine in New York.

Last updated 2008-08-20

Small Wind State-by-State

These pages provide information specific to buying and installing a small wind turbine in each of the U.S. states listed.

Last updated 2012-06-11

NY Wind Energy Businesses

Listing of wind energy equipment dealers and installers in New York.

Last updated 2008-08-20

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