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American Ag Fuels, LLC
815 Greenler Street
Defiance, OH 43512

Office:  (419) 784-3835

E-mail: slankenau@americanagfuels.com

American Ag Fuels is a seven million gallon per year biodiesel processing facility located in Defiance, Ohio. Our strategy is to sell biodiesel, using existing fuel distributors, to the following markets: - Public transportation, including school bus and government fleets - Electric power utilities - Farming operations, construction companies, and marine markets - Commercial trucking fleets - EPA clean air non-attainment zones

Last updated 2009-03-25

Dept. of Energy - Alternative Fueling Station Locator

Web site: The Station Locator can search our database of fueling stations for the entire country to find alternative fuel stations that offer compressed natural gas (CNG), liquefied petroleum gas (LPG or propane), 85% ethanol (E85), electric, biodiesel, hydrogen, and liquefied natural gas (LNG). The results are displayed in a map with details for each station.

Last updated 2010-07-09

Jatrodiesel, Inc.
325 N. Riverview Avenue
Building 10
Miamisburg, OH 45342

Office:  (937) 847-8050

E-mail: rmosali@jatrodiesel.com

JatroDiesel is a turnkey Biodiesel Technology and Equipment provider; and also a Biodiesel producer.

Last updated 2009-03-24


Web site: Allows you to search for gasoline, diesel and alternative fuel retail locations across the country.

Last updated 2010-06-29

E85 Refueling Locations

National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition

Last updated 2009-03-25

PEC Biofuels
210 Wendall Ave.
Hicksville, OH 45821

Office:  (419) 769-6989

PEC Biofuels operates a 7.5 million gallon annual production capacity plant using soybean oil as the primary feedstock.

Last updated 2009-03-25

Peter Cremer North America
3117 Southside Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45204

Office:  (513) 471-7200

E-mail: hfindley@petercremerna.com

The Peter Cremer plant in Cincinnati has a 30 million gallon annual production capacity with soybean oil as the primary feedstock.

Last updated 2009-03-25

Twin Rivers Technologies Natural Ingredients, LLC
4700 Este Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45232

Office:  (617) 745-4272

From Biodiesel.org

Last updated 2009-03-25


CEC Consultants
11699 Brookpark Road
Cleveland, OH 44130

FAX:  (216) 398-8403

Office:  (216) 749-2992

E-mail: cec@apk.net

CEC is a distributor for Jasper's alternative fuel automotive derivative packaged engine systems. CEC distributed the engine for 2 farm-scale biogas projects.

Last updated 2008-08-20

National Methane
905 Glendean Avenue, Suite 7
Riverside, OH 45431

Office:  (937) 256-7500

E-mail: bilingo@dma.org

National Methane holds a patent for a system that can verify the basis for each of the "multiple" avenues of income streams their system develops. National Methane provides complete farm evaluations and recommendations for incorporating biogas technology into a farm plan. National Methane has provided evaluations for more than 100 chicken farms (layers), more than 60 swine farms, more than 25 dairy farms, and one sheep farm. The company also provides grant writing and public relation services related to on farm biogas recovery and fee-based speakers for Community Groups and Agricultural Seminars.

Last updated 2008-08-20

Norton Environmental Equipment Company, Ltd.
6200 Rockside Woods Blvd.
Independence, OH 44131

Office:  (216) 447-0070

E-mail: sviny@daladgroup.com

Norton Environmental Equipment Company, Ltd. is the exclusive distributor for Komptech composting equipment in North America. Komptech offers its BFSC system for digesting on-farm waste, including compost production and gas recovery. Several such systems have been installed and are operating successfully in Europe.

Last updated 2008-08-20

quasar energy group, llc
7624 Riverview Road
Cleveland, OH 44141

Office:  (216) 986-9999

E-mail: info@quasarenergygroup.com

E-mail: jziss@quasarenergygroup.com

quasar energy group is recycling energy in North America from organic wastes. Based in Cleveland, Ohio,quasar is a full service waste-to-energy company with a superior laboratory and engineering facility at The Ohio State University's Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center (OARDC) campus located in Wooster, Ohio. quasar has applied the best technology available across over 8,000 worldwide systems to our North American plants. quasar technology solves waste management issues facing agricultural farmers, industrial food companies, municipal treatment plants and ethanol producers. Our complete mix, high solids anaerobic digestion technology is proven, reliable and advanced. quasar's engineering and construction services can provide turn-key solutions to any economic or environmental waste challenge while generating sustainable, renewable resources. quasar creates a system that recycles energy from waste that would usually be incinerated or hauled to landfills. Instead, our process generates EQ biosolids. Resulting biogas becomes reusable energy while remaining liquid and resulting solids can be used for fertilizer and organic soil amendments. We provide alternatives to disposal through beneficial use. Contact us to schedule a tour of our state-of-the-art laboratory or one of our operational digester facilities. (216) 986-9999

Last updated 2010-09-10

The AgSTAR Program

Office:  (202) 343-9406

The AgSTAR Program is a voluntary effort jointly sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and the U.S. Department of Energy. The program encourages the use of methane recovery (biogas) technologies at the confined animal feeding operations that manage manure as liquids or slurries. These technologies reduce methane emissions while achieving other environmental benefits.

Last updated 2009-08-17

Energy Efficiency

Rural Electricity Resource Council
P.O. Box 309
2333 Rombach Ave.
Wilmington, OH 45177

Office:  (937) 383-0001

E-mail: info@rerc.org

The Rural Electricity Resource Council is a nonprofit association that delivers information and technical assistance on the efficient use of energy, with an emphasis on rural applications. Knowledge is shared through printed materials, training courses, resources on this Web site, and direct technical assistance to members. Our audience: Primarily electric power suppliers, including investor-owned utilities, rural electric cooperatives and public power districts. Services: RERC helps member organizations better serve their customers, who have questions on such topics as: * Electric motor efficiency * Key accounts programs * Improved lighting options * Wiring or grounding upgrades for power quality * Energy audits for homes and farms * Ventilation fan efficiency * Standby generator sizing or distributed generation sources * New options for serving three-phase loads with single-phase service RERC also offers resources for teachers or consumers.

Last updated 2009-09-12

SunWind Power Systems Inc
3100 SR187
London, OH 43140

Office:  (502) 876-5174

E-mail: info@sunwindpowerinc.com

SunWind Power Systems is the premier supplier of Renewable Energy solutions in Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, and beyond since 2005. We design and install customized SOLAR and WIND systems. NABCEP and MWBE certified, and have a proven track record of on/off grid, solar-wind hybrid, and remote power installations. In addition to installation, SunWind Power provides a wide range of energy consulting, such as design-only services, specification and project bid development, energy efficiency and conservation, and equipment only purchases. 25+ years of engineering experience in large-scale industrial settings, formal business training, and financial management experience. Product Types: Solar photovoltaic, Solar domestic hot water, Solar pool heating, and Wind turbines. Renewable technologies such as tubular skylights and solar attic fans. Backup power systems, remote power systems, and packaged solar power. Engeineering design, consulting, and energy management services. Clients: Residential, Commercial, Energy service companies (ESCos), and Government.

Last updated 2010-07-06

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