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Energy Efficiency

Commission on Economic Opportunity
165 Amber Lane
PO Box 1127
Wilkes Barre, PA 18703

Office:  (570) 826-0510

E-mail: info@pasolar.org

The federal Department of Energy has designated CEO as Pennsylvania's lead organization in removing barriers and developing markets implementing sustainable, renewable solar energy programs, particularly, photovoltaic and solar hot water systems.

Last updated 2008-08-20

Energy Coordinating Agency
1924 Arch Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Office:  (215) 988-0929

E-mail: lizr@ecasavesenergy.org

The Energy Coordinating Agency is a private, non-profit corporation dedicated to ensuring that low and moderate income people have access to safe, affordable and reliable sources of energy and water. ECA works to develop a sustainable energy future for the region through energy conservation and renewable energy.

Last updated 2008-08-20

Energy Management
7217 Oak Avenue
Melrose Park, PA 19027

Office:  (215) 635-5450

E-mail: andrewrudin@earthlink.net

Last updated 2008-08-20

Energy Opportunities, Inc.
1200 East Camping Area Road
Wellsville, PA 17365

Office:  (717) 292-2636

E-mail: sheffer@sevengroup.com

7group is committed to sustainable design and its positive effects on the environment, economy and society. It is the purpose of 7group to improve the quality of the built environment by applying our skills and experience in enhancing the design and building process.

Last updated 2008-08-20

2621 Holicong Rd
Doylestown, PA 18902

Office:  (215) 862-6777

Office:  (267) 893-7813

FAX:  (215) 501-5775

E-mail: office@enviromagnetics.net

EnviroMagnetics makes Crop Energizers for irrigation that increases yields of 100% - 300% in crops, vegetables, viniculture, fruits, and all plant growth with no loss of taste or quality. Testing also shows the Crop Energizer technology reduces water requirements and pumping costs by 40% due to water’s increased solubility allowing it to penetrate the ground rather than pooling on the surface and being wasted by evaporation. EnviroMagnetics makes the Gasoline and Diesel Super Saver technology saves fuel and reduces emissions. Tested and used worldwide, the fuel system, originally derived from NASA ortho-hydrogen rocket science, makes the fuel burn better resulting in savings and a reduction of emissions. Most people report savings over 20% which means that every fifth tank of fuel is free. EnviroMagnetics also makes Combustion Energizers Green Technology to save money heating the home and water with fuel oil or gas. Tests and consumer report over 35% savings. Consumers are saving thousands of dollars in natural gas, propane, and fuel oil costs with the Combustion Energizer. EnviroMagnetics makes the most powerful Hard Water Softening system that provides naturally soft water while it dissolves all previous scale buildup - without external power or maintenance. Homeowners remark how they have no hardwater problems or expense while all their neighbors are replacing water heaters, dishwashers, plumbing, etc. They often remark about how better the water tastes. For more product information and review of all the testing, please see www.EnviroMagnetics.net.

Last updated 2010-08-18

Hummerhaven Farmstead Energy Services
1080 Dimmsville road
Millerstown, PA 17062

Home:  (717) 589-7748

E-mail: garylschubert@gmail.com

I have been trained by Penn State University to conduct farm energy assessments and audits. I have completed dozens of audits for PSU, USDA rural development, and in conjunction with engineering companies for the NRCS program, and utility co. rebate programs. These have been mostly dairies, but I have done some poultry operations, greenhouses,egg producers,goat milkers, and grain drying operations. Please call if you want an honest evaluation of your operation. We are farmers helping farmers!

Last updated 2013-04-12

Integrity Ag Systems
4755 Innovation Way
Chambersburg, PA 17201-4100

Office:  (717) 261-5711

Cell:  (717) 729-2749

FAX:  (717) 263-7399

E-mail: trensch@integrityagsystems.com

E-mail: jmurray@integrityagsystems.com

Since 1994, the experienced staff at INTEGRITY Ag Systems has worked with livestock and dairy producers to solve manure related problems and increase profitability while reducing environmental impacts. Integrity Ag Systems is dedicated to the environmental and financial sustainability of modern agriculture through nutrient management, energy production and safe, effective animal heath products. INTEGRITY Ag Systems is a total system provider offering consultation, design, engineering, equipment, service, maintenance and financing assistance.

Last updated 2009-03-03

National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT)-PA
Alternative URL:
National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT)-PA

79 Hillside Road
Shavertown, PA 18708

toll-free:  (800) 346-9140

NCAT offers publications, funding resources, and technical assistance on a variety of farm energy topics. We can help explain how to make farm buildings more energy efficient, use the sun's energy to heat greenhouses and pump water, choose and put up wind turbines, make and use biofuels, and much more.

Last updated 2010-06-16

Solair Energy, Inc.
PO Box 275
Ralston, PA 17763

Office:  (570) 995-5747

E-mail: conserve@solairenergy.com

Solair Energy provides solar and wind site surveys and installations for residential, agricultural, commercial and industrial applications. We provide energy auditing and energy efficient home repairs.

Last updated 2008-08-20

Viridian Energy
746 Pole Rd
Ringtown, PA 17967-9331

Office:  (570) 401-4843

FAX:  (717) 370-5325

E-mail: viripower@gmail.com

E-mail: kurtzinpa@gmail.com

Making a difference doesn't have to break the budget. You can help the environment and save money at the same time. A Higher Standard In order to promote an increased usage of renewable energy and the development of renewable products, many states have adopted Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS). An RPS is a statewide benchmark for the percentage of electricity that must come from green, renewable energy sources such as wind and solar. Continued development of renewable resources is largely driven by the adoption of these standards. As many states continue to work toward green energy solutions and higher renewable standards, Viridian is proud to lead the way with our commitment to a minimum standard of 20% green energy in all our markets. Learn more about Renewable Portfolio Standards from EPA.gov How does "green energy" work? To help facilitate the sale of renewable electricity nationally, a system was established that separates renewable electricity generation into two parts: the electricity produced by a renewable generator and the renewable "attributes" of that generation. These renewable attributes are sold separately as renewable energy certificates (RECs). One REC is issued for each megawatt-hour (MWh) unit of renewable electricity produced. Buying RECs helps build a market for renewable electricity and contributes to environmental sustainability. Learn more about Renewable Energy Certificates from EPA.gov What's so great about being green? By purchasing Viridian products, customers will support currently available renewable resources as well as aid the development of new renewable resources to be built in the U.S. As a company we love to track the collective reduction in carbon emissions from our family of customers. As we all work together making simple choices we can contribute to the reduction of global pollution and together we can make a difference. In addition to feeling better about your contribution to our world, there are many widespread benefits of greener standards. Some of these benefits include: Environmental improvement Increased diversity and security of energy supply Lower natural gas prices Reduced volatility of power prices Local economic development How "Green" Are Viridian's Products? Viridian offers two products so customers can choose the green standard that is best for their lifestyle. All Viridian products adhere to the highest quality standards in the industry. Our Everyday Green product is our most popular product and offers a 20% renewable energy option that feels good for the conscience and the budget. For the more environmentally conscious customer, our Green-E certified Pure Green rate plan offers 100% renewable energy content at competitive market prices. Learn more about our products here.: http://www.viridian.com/jlkurtz

Last updated 2010-11-12

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