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Sustainable Farming Internships and Apprenticeships Search Results

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(Details) Three Hearts Farm
Bozeman, MT

Contact: Rachael Hicks
Phone: [Cell] 406-209-2856
Last Updated: 11-28-2017
Internship Starts: 02-10-18 February, 2018
Internship Ends: 10-30-2018
Number of Interns: 2
App Deadline: ASAP - position fills by February 2018
Minimum Length of Stay: 9 months

Stipend: Manager pay rates will be decided on an individual basis, an hourly rate based on experience. Crew member pay starts at $10/hour. Pay rate will be re-evaluated at the completion of one month. You will be paid bi-monthly.

(Details) ATTRA Test Farm
3040 Continental Drive
Butte, MT 59702

Contact: Narendher, John
Phone: [Office] 406-494-8679
Last Updated: 11-27-2017
Internship Starts: November 30, 2017
Internship Ends: November 30, 2018
Number of Interns: 1
App Deadline: November 30, 2017
Minimum Length of Stay: 1 year

Stipend: 100$ a month

(Details) Two Bear Farm
1978 KM Ranch Road
Whitefish, MT 59937

Contact: Todd Ulizio, Rebecca Ulizio
Phone: [Cell] 406-370-2890
[Home] 406-871-1761
Last Updated: 11-27-2017
Internship Starts: 04/01/2018
Internship Ends: 10/15/18
Number of Interns: 2
App Deadline: 2/1/18
Minimum Length of Stay: Entire season preferred.

Stipend: Montana labor law does not recognize apprentices, so we must pay an hourly rate. The field work position pays $8.50 an hour, and you will be expected to work between 40 and 50 hours per week. The packing house manager position pays $10 an hour, and also requires between 40 and 50 hours per week. Overtime is paid at straight rate. You will have all weekends off for personal/recreational time.

(Details) Foothill Farm
St. Ignatius, MT 59865

Contact: Julie Pavlock
Phone: [Office] 406-531-5852
Last Updated: 11-24-2017
Internship Starts: 1 May or 1 June
Internship Ends: 15 Sept or 1 Nov
Number of Interns: 2
App Deadline:
Minimum Length of Stay: entire season

Stipend: Stipend of $800/month is provided in addition to housing and utilities, and farm food. Bonus included for staying the entire season.

(Details) Harlequin Produce
72664 Heart View Ln
Arlee, MT 59821

Contact: Kaly Hess, Brian Wirak
[Cell] 406-459-7217
Last Updated: 11-20-2017
Internship Starts: April/May
Internship Ends: November 3rd
Number of Interns: 3
App Deadline: ASAP
Minimum Length of Stay: entire season

Stipend: We will provide a $275/week - $400/wk DOE stipend depending on experience and position, there will also be potential for in-season raises depending on performance. We will also be hiring hourly employees throughout the season. If this is of interest please email and specify your schedule.

(Details) Farm Link Montana
Statewide, MT

Contact: Dave Renn
Phone: [Cell] 541-829-3757
Last Updated: 11-19-2017
Internship Starts: 04-01-2018
Internship Ends: 11-01-2018
Number of Interns: 6
App Deadline: 04-01-2018
Minimum Length of Stay: Varies

Stipend: Varies depending on the farm and position sought.

(Details) County Rail Farm
24275 Mullan Rd
Huson, MT 59846

Contact: Tracy Potter-Fins
Phone: [Cell] 406-209-8704
Last Updated: 11-13-2017
Internship Starts: 04-01-2017
Internship Ends: 10-30-2017
Number of Interns: 2
App Deadline: ASAP - positions filled by Jan 15
Minimum Length of Stay: May-October

Stipend: In addition to room and board, we pay $220/wk to start. As you gain experience, usually after the first two months, pay goes up and we give an end of season bonus to those who complete the season. When possible, that bonus reflects how the farm did that year (the better we do, the more you get). Compensation is legal and the above amounts reflect gross pay before taxes.

(Details) Lowdown Farm
Moiese, MT 59824

Contact: Kristi Johnson, Jay Perret
Phone: [Home] 406-644-4852
Last Updated: 11-05-2017
Internship Starts: 4-1-2018
Internship Ends: 10-31-2018
Number of Interns: 2
App Deadline: 4-1-2018
Minimum Length of Stay: Mid-April or Mid-June through October

Stipend: A stipend of $800 a month is provided, in addition to utilities and free room and board. We provide one week (5 contiguous days) of paid vacation per intern with the stipulation that their vacations cannot overlap each other's. A bonus is offered to interns that meet/exceed expectations and stay the entire season. There is also the possibility of advancement to a position of greater responsibility/management position after successfully completing a season's internship with us.

(Details) Vilicus Farms
Havre, MT

Contact: Anna Jones-Crabtree, Doug Crabtree
Phone: [Cell] 406-459-9944
[Cell] 406-459-7444
[Office] 406-394-2469
Last Updated: 10-27-2017
Internship Starts: 03-01-2018
Internship Ends: 11-03-2018
Number of Interns: 3
App Deadline: 12-01-2017
Minimum Length of Stay: 8 months or 2 year depending on appointment

Stipend: Category I Apprentices: $1,000 stipend/month plus full room and board. Housing is a room in the farm headquarters house. Meals are nearly 100% organic with a focus on eating what is grown on the farm and from other Montana growers. There is an expectation that the apprentice will participate in all the household duties of cooking, cleaning and caring for the farmstead. For 2018 there is a possibility of separate housing, shared with other apprentices. The room and board portion of the compensation package will be adjusted if separate housing becomes available. <br><br> Category II Apprentices: Starting at $1,500/month salary, plus independent housing. Two wage increments will occur during the 2-year apprenticeship. Veterans are encouraged to identify GI Bill benefits that may apply to this formal training opportunity. <br><br> All applicants must be able to provide their own health insurance.

(Details) Cedar Rose Farm
11545 crystal mountain road
Three Forks, MT 59752

Contact: Morgan, Chris
Phone: [Cell] 406-579-9356
[Cell] 406-579-9357
Last Updated: 10-19-2017
Internship Starts: 04- 01-2018
Internship Ends: 10-31-2018
Number of Interns: 2
App Deadline: 03-01-2018
Minimum Length of Stay: Entire season commitment please.

Stipend: A free place to live, profit from markets. Access to CSA model to sell for some start-up money. Markets start in May and June, after monthly farm expenses are paid, all profit is yours. Having some savings to keep you afloat till revenue begins would be wise. (access to farm truck.)

(Details) Strike Farms
67 Rocky Rd
Bozeman, MT 59718

Contact: Dylan Strike
Phone: [Cell] 406-581-5483
Last Updated: 10-12-2017
Internship Starts: 4/15/2017
Internship Ends: 10/31/2017
Number of Interns: 6
App Deadline: 3/15/2017
Minimum Length of Stay: Full season

Stipend: Pay is hourly, starting at $10/hr.

(Details) Groundworks Farm
8 Clark Street
PO Box 118
Fort Shaw, MT 59443

Contact: Audra Bergman, Eric Bergman
Phone: [Cell] 406-207-5934
[Cell] 406-590-0508
Last Updated: 09-27-2017
Internship Starts: open
Internship Ends: 11-01-2018
Number of Interns: 3
App Deadline: NA
Minimum Length of Stay: flexible

Stipend: This depends upon the arrangement.

(Details) clark fork organics
3507 S. 7th St W.
Missoula, MT 59804

Contact: Josh Slotnick, Kim Murchison
Phone: [Cell] 406-552-3770
[Cell] 406-239-6993
[Cell] 406-552-3770
Last Updated: 07-25-2017
Internship Starts: August 21st
Internship Ends: 10-20-17
Number of Interns: 2
App Deadline: 08-15-17
Minimum Length of Stay: 2 months ish

Stipend: $200/week plus housing, dinner M-F and produce..

(Details) Tucker Family Farm
Bitterroot Valley, MT

Contact: Tyler Tucker
Last Updated: 06-05-2017
Internship Starts: Positions Open throughout the year
Internship Ends:
Number of Interns: 3
App Deadline: Always open
Minimum Length of Stay: 3 Months

Stipend: Interns will receive $150 a week as well as room and a good portion of your food.

(Details) Terrapin Farm
6505 Farm to Market Rd.
Whitefish, MT 59937

Contact: Judy Owsowitz
Phone: [Office] 406-862-6362
[Cell] 406-871-6313
Last Updated: 05-13-2017
Internship Starts: Staggered starts beginning in March,
Internship Ends: Mid November
Number of Interns: 6
App Deadline: ASAP,
Minimum Length of Stay: Full season preferred. Volunteer positions of at least 6 weeks possible.

Stipend: Yes. Varies depending on length of commitment and experience.

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