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Pasture, Rangeland, and Grazing Management

Main Passture Icon Proper planning and management of pastures, rangeland, and grazing practice can provide opportunities to significantly improve farm profitability and concurrently reduce environmental degradation.

NOTE: Some of the following documents are available as Adobe Acrobat PDFs. Download Acrobat Reader.


Pasture, Rangeland, and Grazing Management


A Brief Overview of Nutrient Cycling in Pastures - IP221


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Assessing the Pasture Soil Resource - IP128

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Converting Cropland to Perennial Grassland - IP244


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Dung Beetle Benefits in the Pasture Ecosystem - CT155


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Grazing Calculator: Extended Cow Calf Pair - IP458


 • Summary • Download PDF
Grazing Contracts for Livestock - IP247


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Grazing Networks for Livestock Producers - CT166


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Integrating Livestock and Crops: Improving Soil, Solving Problems, Increasing Income - IP 475


 • Summary • Download PDF  • Buy Print Copy
Irrigated Pastures: Setting Up an Intensive Grazing System That Works - IP456


 • Summary • Download PDF  • Buy Print Copy
Managed Grazing in Riparian Areas - IP223


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Multispecies Grazing - CT147


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Nutrient Cycling in Pastures - IP136


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Paddock Design, Fencing, and Water Systems for Controlled Grazing - IP152

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Pasture for Organic Ruminant Livestock: Understanding and Implementing the National Organic Program (NOP) Pasture Rule - IP374


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Pasture, Rangeland, and Grazing Management - IP306


 • Summary • Download PDF  • Buy Print Copy  • View Now
Pastures: Going Organic - IP297


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Pastures: Sustainable Management - IP284


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Poultry Basics Tipsheet - IP489


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Pressure-Treated Wood: Organic and Natural Alternatives - IP362

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Rotational Grazing - IP086


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Ruminant Nutrition for Graziers - IP318


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Tools for Managing Internal Parasites in Small Ruminants: Animal Selection - IP400


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Tools for Managing Internal Parasites in Small Ruminants: Pasture Management - IP401

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Why Intensive Grazing on Irrigated Pastures? - IP457


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Links to Other Pasture, Rangeland, and Grazing Management Information

American Consortium for Small Ruminant Parasite Control
Extending Grazing and Reducing Stored Feed Needs
By Don Ball, Ed Ballard, Mark Kennedy, Garry Lacefield, and Dan Undersander. A Grazing Lands Conservation Initiative Publication, 2008. Instructional booklet on filling the gaps in pasture forage availability to reduce the need for stored feeds. [PDF/1.18MB]
Foraging Behavior: Managing to Survive in a World of Change
Behavioral Principles for Human, Animal, Vegetation, and Ecosystem Management; By Fred Provenza, PhD, Utah State University. Simple strategies that use knowledge of animal behavior to improve the efficiency and profitability of rangeland animal agriculture.
Grazing Management: an Ecological Perspective
By Rodney K. Heitschmidt and Jerry W. Stuth. This book was written to help resource managers broaden their perspective relative to management of grazing animals and heighten their awareness of the role they play in maintaining the integrity of ecological systems (from the Foreward). Published by Timber Press, Portland, OR.
Grazing Systems Planning Guide
From the University of Minnesota Extension Service Distribution Center. Delineates the components of a grazing system by taking the farmer through the grazing management planning process.
From the North Dakota State University Dickinson Research Extension Center.
A collection of reports enabling livestock producers and grassland managers to understand and operate twelve-month pasture-forage management strategies that are both biologically effective and economically efficient.
Hay and Forage Grower
This magazine covers a wide range of forage-related topics, from stand establishment to harvesting and marketing. Includes information on alfalfa as well as all other forage crops for use as hay, silage or rotational grazing.
Holistic Management International
HMI is a goal-oriented decision-making system for ecological management of resources, people, and capital.
Intermountain Planting Guide
Contains planting tables for irrigated meadows and rangeland plantings in the intermountain west, including species recommendations. Courtesy of the USDA Agricultural Research Service, Utah State University. [PDF/9.56MB]
Management-Intensive Grazing: The Grassroots of Grassfarming
By Jim Gerrish, Green Park Publishing
The industry standard for growing and managing pastures for sustained livestock production. This book can be obtained through The Stockman Grassfarmer's Bookshelf or by calling 800-748-9808.
Missouri Grazing Manual
By James R. Gerrish, University of Missouri Extension publications. This manual is designed to acquaint readers with the principles on which successful grazing management is based. This manual brings together a group of researchers, educators and producers with broad experience in land management and forage/livestock systems to provide a comprehensive guide to understanding and managing grassland ecosystems.
National Grazing Lands Coalition
Offers technical assistance on privately owned grazing lands nationwide.
NRCS Grazing Lands Technical Publications
Various publications on grassland ecosystems management, including pasture assessment and monitoring.
Organic Livestock Pasture Rule
FAQs from the USDA National Organic Program. (select Pasture Rulemaking Information from the menu on the right side of the page)
Pastures for Profit: A Guide to Rotational Grazing
From UWEX Cooperative Extension Publications. Instructional booklet on grazing ecology and setting up a rotational grazing system.
Quivira Coalition
Publications on ecological resource management including range management, grazing, road construction, monitoring, and managing resources at the urban-rural interface.
Ranching for Profit
Ranch Management Consultants provides high-quality education and support programs for the livestock industry. The Ranching for Profit School and Executive Link programs provide the knowledge and support farmers and ranchers need to improve their land, their lives and their bottom line.
Rangeland Health and Planned Grazing Field Guide
By Nathan Sayre and Kirk Gadzia, Fourth Edition - April 2009
A field guide to grazing management designed to help ranchers and agency personnel make better grassland management decisions.
Rangelands West
Web-based educational tools and information to assist resource managers improve rangelands and maintain sustainability.
Southern Forages
Published by the International Plant Nutrition Institute. A practical and reliable source of information on modern forage crop management, including forage selection and establishment, forage physiology and forage quality, weeds, hay and silage production, fencing, and forages for different species of livestock.
Stockmanship: Improving Rangeland Health Through Appropriate Livestock Handling
By Steve Cote. Easy to understand book on low stress handling methods and cattle herding on extensive rangeland. Contains diagrams on how to turn, move, and sort large and small herds of cattle without fences.
Understanding Forage Quality
Published by the American Farm Bureau Federation, 2001. This publication provides information about forage quality and forage testing that can be used to increase animal performance and producer profits.
University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Rotational Grazing Guide
Discusses the principles of rotational grazing and includes information on grazing system design. Also includes grazing mathematics for determining pasture numbers and sizes.
University of Maine Livestock Team Online Pasture Management Course
Seven lessons on planning a grazing system to study at home at your own pace.
University of Vermont Pasture Network
A collaboration between UVM, NRCS, GLCI, and the Vermont Grass Farmers' Association. Includes information on grazing research, publications, and conferences.


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