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sunworks organic feed processors
Box 55
Armena, AB

Contact: Ron, Ron
FAX: 780-672-9984
Office: 780-672-9799
Email: ron@sunworksfarm.com
Complete Rations: CFIA(Canadian Food Inspection Agency) registered feed mill that specializes in organic poultry and swine rations
Ingredients: All feed made with a hammermill. All primary ingredients analyized for protein and energy before feeds are made
Specialty Items: Fertrell Poultry Nutribalancer, Fertrell Canadian Graizer Choice cattle mineral, Fertrell Swime Mineral, and Fertrell Kelp(Acadian Seaplants sourced)
Operations: M-F 9-5
Certifiers: QMI Organics

Wetaskiwin Co-op, Country Junction Feeds
4707-4oth Ave
Wetaskiwin, AB

Contact: Bernie Grumpelt, Nancy Fischer
Office: 780-352-9155
Office: 780-361-6161
Email: bgrumpelt@wetaskiwincoop.com
Email: nfischer@wetaskiwincoop.com
Complete Rations: Dairy: Calf Starter, Calf Grower, Premix, Lactation Rations Poultry: Starter, Grower, Pre-Layer, Layer Rations
Operations: Open 8 am - 5 pm Mountain Time; Many dealer outlets, bulk delivery or bagged delivery available, pelleted and crumbled organic feeds available
Certifiers: Pro-Cert

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