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Central Indiana Organics
5780 S 200 E
Lebanon, IN 46052

Office: 765-482-3215
Email: indyorganics@yahoo.com
Complete Rations: Fertile Fields Organic brand complete poultry rations, including 21% protein (0-2 weeks) chick starter, 19% protein (2-5 weeks) chick starter, 18% protein broiler finisher, 18% protein layer ration, non-soy layer ration, and 9% protein scratch grains blend, in 50 Lb sacks or in bulk. Chick starters and broiler finisher are also appropriate feed for turkeys.
Specialty Items: Organic minerals and feed supplements; Helfter brand premixes.
Operations: Open weekdays until 6:00 PM, and Saturday 9:00 am till 2:00 pm. Customer picks up feed at the premises.Feeds available in bulk, tote bags, and 50 lb bags, bulk and bag feed delivery .
Certifiers: Indiana Certified Organics

Nutritional Blending, Inc.
68842 SR 15, Box 54
New Paris, IN 46553

Contact: Tom Moneyheffer, Owner
FAX: 574-831-3172
Office: 574-831-3170
toll-free: 800-285-0796
Email: tom@nbisoybean.com
Email: office@nbisoybean.com

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