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CVK Farms, LLC
5605 Ewalt Rd.
Imlay City, MI 48444

Contact: Craig Kovocic
Office: 810-724-1476
Complete Rations: Poultry and livestock. Custom formulation.
Ingredients: Grains available.
Specialty Items: Vitamin and mineral premixes.
Operations: Meal. Bagged or bulk. Open M-F, evenings, 6pm-9pm, weekend: 8am-6pm EST.
Certifiers: Michigan Organic Growers,QAI (pending)

Raub-Rae Farms
8820 Clear Lake Road
Brown City, MI 48416

Contact: John Linck
Cell: 810-537-1333
Office: 810-346-3118
Email: jandblinck@yahoo.com
Complete Rations: Poultry Feed Mixes for Layers, Meat Birds, Turkeys, hogs, and sheep. Rations Balanced according to ingredient feed value indications with Bio Ag of Michigan consultants.
Ingredients: Organic feed ingredients include open-pollinated corn, oats, roasted beans, spelt, alfalfa.
Specialty Items: Mineral Supplements specific to Feed Type -includes kelp.
Operations: Monday - Saturday 8-5, or after hours by appointment. Delivery may be available to certain locations. 50 pound bags, or bulk option into your container.
Certifiers: Certified Organic by Organic Crop Improvement Assn. (OCIA)

Jim Anderson Orchard
9494 Laubach
Sparta, MI 49345

Contact: Jay McCaman
Cell: 616-260-9838
Email: grnthumb2@wingsisp.com
Certifiers: Indiana Certified Organic

Graham's Organics
3653 E. Weidman Rd
Rosebush, MI 48878

Contact: Matt Graham, Pat Graham
Office: 989-433-5900
Cell: 989-621-0021
Email: grahamsorganics@att.net
Complete Rations: We have complete rations for Chickens, Ducks and turkeys (starter, grower layer), Swine (gestation, lactation, creep, grower, finisher), Sheep, Goat, Calf (starter, grower) and Dairy rations. All formulations are done by Jeff Maddocks of Fertrell Co.
Ingredients: Our ingredients are coarse ground over a roller mill.
Specialty Items: We offer all of Fertrell's mineral mixes, Redmond salt and Kelp.
Operations: Hours of operation are 9-5:30 M-F and 10-1 on Sat. Our feeds are in 50 lb bags, totes or bulk. Delivery is available for bulk and bagged feeds.
Certifiers: Certified organic by OCIA International

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