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Buckwheat Growers Association of Minnesota
206 Aldrich Ave SE
Wadena, MN 56482

Contact: Tom Bilek, Tom Bilek
FAX: 218-631-1711
Office: 218-631-9212
Cell: 218-639-2312
Email: info@buckwheatgrowers.com
Complete Rations: Poultry, Dairy, Swine, and some other livestock rations on request. House or custom formulations.
Ingredients: Rolled or ground feed using various alternative grains, including buckwheat, and other feedstuffs.
Specialty Items: Organic approved mineral blends, including kelp and probiotics.
Operations: Open M- F, 8:30-5:00 Central Time Zone. Delivery available. Bagged (50 lb bags or 2000 lb totes) or bulk.
Certifiers: Organic Crop Improvement Association International (OCIA)

Mid-States Supply
P.O. Box 70
Sartell, MN 56377

Contact: Marty
FAX: 320-229-3833
Office: 320-240-0033
Complete Rations: Poultry rations.
Specialty Items: Kelp and diatomaceous earth.

Hy View Feeds LLC
40928 County 18
Mabel, MN 55954

Contact: Kit, Kit
Office: 507-493-5564
Cell: 507-429-0364
Email: hyview@hyviewfeeds.com
Complete Rations: Poultry and livestock rations. House nutritionist on site for custom formulation.
Ingredients: Grains and other feedstuffs available. We extrude soybeans and roast soybeans.
Specialty Items: Mineral mixes for all species (including custom formulations), kelp, probiotics, forage preservative, yeast mix, vitamin mixes, Redmond products, DE, soy oil, molasses
Operations: Meal. Bagged or bulk. Open Monday-Friday 8 am - 5 pm; Sat. 8 am - 12 pm
Certifiers: IDALS Iowa Deptartment of Agriculture and Land Stewardship (Organic Division)

RCR Organic Feed Store
16291 321st Ave
Hamburg, MN 55339

Contact: Cindy Rivers, Cindy Rivers
Home: 952-467-3209
Email: cindy@riverscritters.com
Complete Rations: Layer, broiler, turkey, cow, goat, sheep, and horse.
Ingredients: Grains
Specialty Items: Kelp, vitamin and mineral pre-mix for poultry (50-lb bags)
Operations: 50-lb bags. Meal only (no pellets). Only house blends (no custom blends). Hours of operation vary. Call prior to visiting.
Certifiers: Midwest Organic Services Association

Ellen Telander
21559 County Road 9
Winsted, MN 55395

Contact: Ellen Telander, Jason Telander
Cell: 612-810-1429
Email: ellentelander@excite.com

Priebe Organic
47149 95th Ave
Kenyon, MN 55946

Contact: Mike or Penny Priebe
Cell: 507-259-4809
Home: 507-789-5730
Email: ppriebe@cannon.net
Certifiers: OCIA, NOP

Conklin/ Fastrack
4770 110th St
Glencoe, MN

Contact: Joan Meffert
Office: 320-864-3335
Email: haciendaensuena@yahoo.com
Certifiers: OMRI Listed

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