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New York

Lakeview Organic Grain
119 Hamilton Place
Penn Yan, NY 14527

Contact: Klaas and Mary-Howell Martens
FAX: 315-536-9879
Office: 315-536-9879
Email: kandmhfarm@sprintmail.com
Complete Rations: Poultry and livestock rations. Custom formulations.
Ingredients: Grains and other feedstuffs including sunflower meal and okara.
Specialty Items: Vitamin and mineral premixes; other.
Operations: Meal. Bagged or bulk. Open M-F, 7:30-5:30 EST.
Certifiers: Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA-NY),FVO/ICS

Ridgerock Farms
Penn Yan, NY

Contact: Ronald D. Kirk
Office: 315-536-0148
Email: RidgeRockFarms@hotmail.com
Complete Rations: Complete Livestock Nutrition and Customized Feed Rations. We also offer Nutritional Services and Consultations.
Ingredients: Grains and Other Organic Feed Stuffs.
Specialty Items: Custom Vitamin and Mineral Pre Mixes.
Operations: Meal and Bulk.
Certifiers: USDA,OCIA International Certified

Lightning Tree Farm
132 Andrew Haight Rd.
Millsbrook, NY 12545

Contact: Alton Earnhart
Office: 914-677-9507

Cold Springs Farm
379 Slate Hill Road
Sharon Springs, NY 13459

Contact: Sumner Watson, Sumner Watson
Office: 518-234-8320
Email: coldspringsfarm@verizon.net
Complete Rations: Complete Lay Mash (18 percent protein), Chicken Grower (22 protein), Chick Starter (18 protein), Turkey Starter (26 protein), Turkey Grower (22 protein), Dairy/calf feed (16 protein), Dairy Goat Feed (16 protein), Beef/cow Feed (14 protein), Sheep Feed (16 protein), Hog Feed (16 protein) Custom mix possible for minimum batch of 2,000 lb
Ingredients: Hay
Specialty Items: Minerals, kelp meal, liquid molasses, Redmond Minerals, Alfalfa Pellets
Operations: Bulk delivery possible

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