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Top Notch Feed
549 SE 2nd Ave.
Hillsboro, OR 97123

Office: 503-640-9140
FAX: 503-693-7144
Complete Rations: All-purpose livestock ration, layer crumble and layer pellet, chick starter.
Operations: Meal or pellets. Rolled or cracked. Bagged (no organic feed in bulk). Open M-F, 8-5; Sat., 8-4 PDT.

Union Point Custom Feeds
35245 Union Point Lane (office)
34970 Ranch Drive (mill)
Brownsville, OR 97327

Contact: Alice Royle, Alice Royle
Office: 541-466-5571
Home: 541-466-5571
Cell: 541-954-0945
Email: alice@unionpoint.com
Complete Rations: We specialize in small (1/2 ton and up) lots of natural, organic, and made-with-organic feeds. Nutritionist owned; owner operated. Custom formulations made to your specs. Our trademark says it all: "Sustainable Feed for Sustainable Farms"
Ingredients: Available pelleted, chopped or whole. Whole grain, high density quality feeds are our specialty.
Specialty Items: Ingredients division handles vitamins, minerals, probiotics and other micro-ingredients in small quantities for those who are mixing feed on their farms.
Operations: Nutritionist available at 541-466-5571 from about 8:00 am to 1:00 pm Pacific time in the mill office. The cell phone is best in the afternoons: 541-954-0945.
Certifiers: Stellar Certification Services

Plaisance Ranch
16955 Water Gap Rd
Williams, OR 97544

Contact: Suzi, Joe
Cell: 541-218-7858
Home: 541-846-7175
Email: joeg@apbb.net
Complete Rations: HAY
Ingredients: HAY
Specialty Items: NONE
Certifiers: CCOF

Concentrates, Inc.
2613 SE 8th Ave
Portland, OR 97206

Contact: Bill Sparks, Owner, Heather Havens, General Manager
Office: 503-380-9710
toll-free: 800-388-4870
FAX: 503-234-7502
Email: info@concentratesnw.com
Email: heather@concentratesnw.com
Complete Rations: Organic Layer and All Purpose Poultry Feeds for chicks, pullets, layers, broilers, turkeys, ducks, and geese. Organic livestock feeds and feed grains. General Manager is a BS Ag, Animal Sci emphasis.
Ingredients: Organic whole feed grains and legumes, and alfalfa meal.
Specialty Items: Organic kelp meal, seed meals, minerals, premixes, probiotics, diatomaceous earth, Redmond Salts, and rock dusts.
Operations: Wholesale & Retail. Open 8:00 to 5:30 Monday - Friday, 10 - 4 Saturday during "busy Season". Delivery available via our truck to local commercial locations, or via common carrier or UPS. All ingredients are pre-packaged, mostly in 50# bags. Available by the each, pallet, or truckload.
Certifiers: We carry products that are certified by USDA/NOP, Oregon Tilth, WSDA, and many other certifiers. We also carry many products that are "allowed" on certifiers generic lists.

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