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Local and Regional Food Systems

Local food is food that is grown within a reasonable distance from where it is eaten. Exactly how local food is defined is as varied as the consumers that buy it. The commonality amongst local food consumers is a commitment to purchase food that ensures social, economic, and environmental sustainability. Buying local food reduces the number of "food miles" between farm and plate, and helps to keep agricultural profits in the local economy. This website offers resources and tools for understanding the place of local food in the global food system, how producers can participate in this movement, and examples of successful local food systems that secure fresh foods for their communities.

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  Direct Marketing to Institutions: Healthcare Case Study
  Farmers Market Nutrition Programs for Market Managers and Vendors
  Food Bank Boosts Local Growers, Fights Poverty
  Connecting with Institutional Markets: Strategies and Programs for Producers
  Urban Farms: Commercial Farms or Socially Minded Operations?
  Managing Risks on an Urban Farm
  The Montana Harvest of the Month Program
  Organic Weed Removal Technique
  Farm to Hospital in the Rio Grande Valley: Getting Ready
  Food Safety for Organic Growers in Texas
  Selling to Institutional Markets: Strategies and Considerations for Montana Producers
  Park County Food System Council
  Producers' Panel: Partnering with Hospitals to Diversify your Market
  Farm to Healthcare Conference: Buyers' Panel
  Sustainable Hospital Food Service: Farm to Healthcare Conference Keynote
  Food Safety Regulations for Local Farmers
  Selling Local Food to Schools: USDA Regulations
  Montana Beef to School
  Healthy Farms, Healthy People: Keynote by Mark Branovan of St. Luke's Hospital
  Healthy Farms, Healthy People: Keynote by Dave Prather of Western Montana Growers Cooperative
  Local Food Systems 101
  From the Farm to the Farmers' Market

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LocalFoods directory icon Local Foods Directory A number of organizations and agencies throughout the U.S. are trying to help agricultural producers connect with customers by compiling directories of local food sources that help buyers find goods and growers find markets. This resource offers listings for local food directories and promotional programs, searchable by state.   GrowMontana Logo GrowMontana A broad-based coalition whose common purpose is to promote community economic development policies that support sustainable Montana-owned food production, processing, and distribution, and that improve all of our citizens' access to Montana foods.


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