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Local Food Directories

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National Entities

Farm Locator (New Farm)

A searchable online database listing farms that sell directly to consumers, other food businesses that serve consumers, farms that sell to other farmers, farms set up to service commercial buyers, and buyers to whom farmers can sell.

Print Version Offered: unknown

GreenPeople CSA

Community Supported Agriculture, organic farming, permaculture and biodynamic farming. Listings alphabetical by state.

Print Version Offered: yes

Listings of pick your own farms in all states. (Site contains substantial amounts of advertising.)

Print Version Offered: no

Contact Name: Duane Dahl
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: 425 873 1216 (Office)

National database of farms, food hubs, markets connecting consumer with local providers.

Print Version Offered: no

Eat Well Guide

A national online guide to wholesome, fresh, sustainable food, searchable by keyword, location and zip code. Links to local guides for major cities are also available online.

Eatwild Pastured Products Directory

An online listing by state of producers of pasture-raised meats, dairy and eggs. Producers pay for listing, listings include more than 700 producers.

Print Version Offered: no

Fare Reaper

A nationally available, locally targeted social network designed to ease the movement of local food. Connecting Producers, Distributors and Seekers of local food with web tools. Also a Directory of Business and Services focused on local foods.

Print Version Offered: no


Commercial site advertises it connects local farmers to their customers. Includes state-sorted listings for farms, farmers' markets, and organic produce, and more.

Print Version Offered: no

Food Alliance Certified Producers

Searchable online listing of farms and ranches certified as producing food using environmentally friendly and socially responsible agricultural practices.

Home Grown Cow
Contact Name: John Aikman
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: 608 957 8883 (Office)

An online farmers' market for meat, poultry and cheese producers. Searchable by product and farming practice. Farmers' listings are free; a commission is taken on completed sales transactions.

Print Version Offered: no

Local Dirt

Local Dirt is a national site where anyone can find, buy and sell local food, for free.

Website offers searches for lists farmers markets and restaurants that serve local food, within a mileage radius of a particular zip code.

Print Version Offered: unknown

NOP Certified Organic Production and Handling Operations

USDA's Agricultural Marketing Service is responsible for providing oversight to accrediting certifying agents and their certification of organic production and handling operations. On an annual basis, AMS receives information about these operations from each of the accredited certifying agents. They list all certified handlers and producers, nationally and internationally, in a searchable form.

Print Version Offered: unknown

Our Locale

A website with a searchable directory of farmers markets nationwide, and a listing of growers and their businesses by state, searchable by business name, location, or mileage from a particular location.

Print Version Offered: no

USDA AMS Farmers Markets Search

AMS works to maintain a current listing of farmers markets throughout the United States. Both a national map of farmers markets (static) and state-specific maps of farmers markets (interactive) are available for viewing. Listings are searchable by location and product type.

Additional Links
National Farmers Market Search Engine

Print Version Offered: no

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