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Urban and Community Agriculture

An Urban Garden, courtesy of

Urban farming is not a new concept, but it is gaining new support among diverse citizen groups all over the country. Schools, colleges, churches, city councils, government agencies, parks departments, anti-hunger groups, healthcare providers, and nonprofit organizations are coming together to give a fresh new meaning to "greening the city." Large cities like Philadelphia, Boston, New York, Seattle, and Toronto have initiated substantial programs to foster urban agriculture.

In addition to community gardens and farmers' markets, urban agriculture involves land use decisions, nutritious meals at schools, employment and job training, food processing and delivery, the creation of clean green working spaces in urban areas, citywide systems of composting waste, and much more.

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Urban and Community Agriculture

ATTRA Publications

Agrihoods: Development-Supported Agriculture - IP515


 • Summary • Download PDF  • Buy Print Copy  • View Now
Bringing Local Food to Local Institutions - IP242


 • Summary • Download PDF  • Buy Print Copy  • View Now
Community Gardening - IP376


 • Summary • Download PDF  • Buy Print Copy  • View Now
Community Orchards - IP446


 • Summary • Download PDF  • Buy Print Copy  • View Now
Community Supported Agriculture - IP289


 • Summary • Download PDF  • Buy Print Copy  • View Now
High Tunnels in Urban Agriculture - IP524


 • Summary • Download PDF  • Buy Print Copy  • View Now
Market Gardening: A Start-up Guide - IP195

PDF Price: $2.99 for non-members
Kindle Price: $2.99

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Montana Farmers Market EBT Manual - n/a


 • Summary • Download PDF  • Buy Print Copy
Start a Farm in the City - IP350


 • Summary • Download PDF  • Buy Print Copy
Urban Agriculture in the United States: Baseline Findings of a Nationwide Survey - IP527


 • Summary • Download PDF  • Buy Print Copy  • View Now
Vertical Farming - IP516


 • Summary • Download PDF  • Buy Print Copy  • View Now


More Urban and Community Agriculture Links

American Community Garden Association
Research, education, and publications to stimulate community and urban gardening for community development, social interaction, and food security in urban environments.
City Farmer
Offers resources on urban agriculture, community gardening and sustainable agriculture from Canada's Office of Urban Agriculture.
Community Crops
Community Crops has two initiatives: the Community Garden Network and the Urban Farmers Pilot Project. The Community Garden Network provides small garden plots in many different locations, as well as water, seeds and tools. The Urban Farmers Project (UFP) works with refugee and immigrant urban farmers who grow produce for market at the UFP farmsite.
Community Garden Start-Up Guide
University of California Cooperative Extension guide intended to help neighborhood groups and organizations along the path to starting and sustaining a community garden.
Entrepreneurial Urban Agriculture
Comprehensive study of the economic viability of entrepreneurial urban agriculture within urban cities.
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations: Food for the Cities
Information and technical guidance to interested institutions with a view to protecting and promoting the food security of urban populations.
Food Share Community Gardening Program
Food Share is a Canadian organization that helps groups and individuals to implement community gardens through resources such as their community gardening manual, month to month garden start-up toolkit and Life Cycles Sharing Backyards Program
Growing Power
Providing hands-on training, on-the-ground demonstration, outreach, and technical assistance through the development of Community Food Systems that help people grow, process, market, and distribute food in a sustainable manner.
Just Food
Fostering new marketing and food-growing opportunities that address the needs of regional, rural family farms, NYC community gardeners, and NYC communities.
Kansas City Center for Urban Agriculture
The Center develops training and research programs for new and experienced farmers and for city planners and community members interested in city farming. Additionally, the Center operates the Kansas City Community Farm (KCCF), a working, certified organic vegetable farm where we develop and demonstrate production practices suitable for Midwestern urban agriculture.
National Gardening Association
Provides information and other services on local and community gardening.
North American Urban and Peri-urban Agriculture Alliance
The aim of this initiative is to form an alliance encompassing a wide and culturally diverse range of actors and stakeholders involved in urban and peri-urban agriculture in North America, to share knowledge and best practices amongst them and to foster linkages externally, so as to give voice to its advocates and recognition and legitimacy to its activities.
Grass-roots organization that promotes economic, human, and community development in Holyoke, Massachusetts through projects relating to food, agriculture, and the environment. Urban agriculture has proven to be an effective way to promote community development because it is a way for the residents of downtown Holyoke to maintain a connection to their culture while putting down roots in their new home.
P-Patch Community Gardens
Sponsors programs that contribute to Seattle's vital urban agriculture with CSAs, youth projects, and more than 60 community gardens.
Resource Centres on Urban Agriculture and Food Security (RUAF)
Comprehensive resources on urban agriculture and food security including publications, case studies, events, and three distance learning courses in urban agriculture. RUAF publishes the international Urban Agriculture Magazine.
Resources for City Farms
Very extensive resource list on urban agriculture, gardening, nutrition, and community development by Keith Addison and Midori Hiraga, who together founded Handmade Projects NGO in Hong Kong in 1998 in order to organize the Journey to Forever project.
Rural Roots
Rural Roots is a regional, 501(c)3 nonprofit food and farming organization dedicated to creating connections between sustainable producers, consumers, and other regional food and agricultural organizations.
SPIN-Farming is S-mall P-lot IN-tensive farming that utilizes methods for the commercial production of vegetable on sub-acreage land bases.
The Center for Urban Agriculture at Fairview Gardens
Based on one of the oldest organic farms in California, the Center for Urban Agriculture at Fairview Gardens is an internationally respected model for small-scale urban food production, agricultural preservation, and farm-based education.
The Community Food Security Coalition
Organization dedicated to building strong, sustainable, local and regional food systems that ensure access to affordable, nutritious, and culturally appropriate food for all people at all times.
The Food Project
Fosters CSA's and farmer's markets to engage youth in personal and social change.
Urban Harvest - Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research
Compilation of case studies, approaches, processes, methods and "best practices" which operationalize the goals of the Urban Harvest initiative, which to contribute to the food security of poor urban families, and to increase the value of agricultural production in urban and peri-urban areas, whilst ensuring the sustainable management of the urban environment.
USDA - National Agricultural Library - Alternative Farming Systems Information Center: Farms and Community: Community Gardening
USDA - National Agricultural Library - Alternative Farming Systems Information Center: Farms and Community: Urban Agriculture


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