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Home  > Livestock and Pasture > Poultry > Recommended Links

Recommended Poultry Links

Hens, Photo by Linda CoffeyPhoto by Linda Coffey

Livestock Conservancy
Nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving endangered breeds of American livestock, including poultry breeds.

The American Pastured Poultry Producers Association
The premier networking and information organization for grassroots pastured poultry producers; publishes the newsletter "Grit" For a higher membership level, join a producer listserv.

Backyard Poultry Magazine
Magazine for small flocks.

Clearing a Path for On-Farm Processing of Pastured Poultry in Michigan [PDF/1.0M]
Michigan work on on-farm processing and small plants.

Feather Site
Breed photos and suppliers

David Schafer has designed small-scale poultry processing equipment and offers resources.

Free-Range Poultry and Back Forty Books
Herman Beck-Chenoweth describes the Modern American Free-Range system and links to Back Forty Books, a site to purchase many books on range poultry production.

Good Shepherd Turkey Ranch
Frank Reese has preserved standard-bred "heritage" turkey and other poultry breeds for over 40 years.

Heifer International
Heifer International has worldwide programs dedicated to community development through sustainable livestock production. Its mission is to end world hunger and poverty and care for the earth. The U.S. program has trained limited resource farmers in pastured poultry production to help diversify their farms.

Building a Chicken Coop
Chicken coop plans available through Bill Keene's e-book

The Modern Homestead
Producer Harvey Ussery has posted useful information on housing, breeding, feeding poultry along with other topics.

Mother Earth News
Articles on free-range egg production and nutrients in eggs.

National Organic Program
USDA organic program website that shows regulations and other details

National Poultry Improvement Plan
Information on routine poultry disease monitoring.

Norton Creek Farm and Norton Creek Press
Excellent information on farm-scale poultry meat and egg production from producer Robert Plamondon. Plamondon is also an author and information provider.

Organic Livestock Feed Suppliers
A database helping organic livestock producers locate sources of organic formulated feed rations or feed ingredients. Searchable by state or type of product.

Pasture Poultry ListServ (subscribe at Yahoo! Groups)
Listserver with over 1,000 members, mainly producers, who discuss raising poultry on pasture

Pastured Poultry
Washington State University and the Northwest Direct Project provide an interactive poultry budget calculator and farm profiles.

Pastured Poultry Resources
General resources and photographs including photographs of a mobile processing unit.

Paul's Picker Page
Photographs of a homemade picker and plans.

Polyface Farms
Joel Salatin and family inspired the "pastured poultry" movement across the country. They also provide training on sustainable agriculture.

The Poultry Connection
Online forums, supplies, books, resources.

Poultry Your Way
Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture publication on alternative types of poultry production.

Raising Poultry on Pasture
Information from the University of Wisconsin on pastured poultry operations and economics.

Small Poultry Processing Plants and Services
This list is a joint effort of several non-profit organizations that assist small poultry growers. It was originally started by Heifer International. Please help ATTRA maintain and expand this list. Use the online Poultry Processor Information Form to submit or update your entry, or if you are aware of a plant that may want to be listed, please e-mail Betsy Conner or call us, 1-800-346-9140, and we will contact the plant.


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This page was last updated on: January 23, 2015