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Pell City Processing at the Trading Post
225 Old Coal City Rd
Pell City, AL 35125 - 3925

Contact: Matthew Lawrence
205-936-6120 (Cell)
205-338-1562 (Office)
Email: pellcityprocessing@gmail.com
Web: https://marblecreekfarmstead.com/processing-plant/,
USDA Inspected: Yes
State Licensed: Yes
Services: We do cut-ups (bone-in breasts, airline breast, tenders, boneless skinless breast, quarters, legs, thighs, wings, stock bones, frames, feet, hearts, liver). We vacuum seal the birds and parts. We process chickens currently, but we're looking into turkeys and waterfowl.
USDA-inspected slaughter days are Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, starting at 7 a.m. We can do custom processing the other 2 days of the week. Minimum 50 birds. Plant is new to poultry as of Spring 2016 - currently using water chill.


Poultry Processing Solutions
15819 Spencer Rd
Peyton, CO 80831

Contact: Josh Christian
719-440-1376 (Cell)
Email: josh.christian@gmail.com
State Licensed: No
Services: poultry processing, Rabbit Processing
Poultry Processing Solutions is a Centeral Colorado Opperated processing service that can also be portable. Our operation is designed to go where customers are when there is enough work to justify the need. The services can be dictated by the customer, but the animals are only to be processed in a humane manner.

Rocky Mountain Poultry Processing
18920 WCR 100
Nunn, CO 80648

Contact: Doug Rice
970-897-3006 (Office)
Email: rmppnc@gmail.com
State Licensed: yes
Services: USDA inspected all poultry breeds and Rabbits. Poultry halved and quartered.
Call for days and times.


Martzahn's Processing
728 N. 2nd St
Greene, IA 50636

641-823-5362 (Office)
State Licensed: Yes
Services: Does all types of poultry and waterfowl. Cut-up or whole.
Call for pricing and a processing date. 350 broiler/day limit. Fewer for other types of poultry.


HomeGrown Poultry LLC
440 Ada Rd
New Plymouth, ID 83655

Contact: Jack Kleeb, Janie Burns
208-278-0127 (Home)
208-278-3471 (Office)
State Licensed: yes
Services: See Website
Does all poultry for in-state sales.


Central Illinois Poultry Processing, LLC
119 N. County Road 000E
Arthur, IL 61911

217-543-2937 (Office)
Email: cipp@emypeople.net
USDA Inspected: Yes
Services: We have been providing Midwest poultry producers custom slaughter and package for chickens, turkeys, pheasants, quail, and guineas the past 20 years. We offer many vacuum packaging options with private labeling available. Most orders can be picked up the same day as slaughtered. We also raise our own chickens within a 10 mile radius of our plant and offer them wholesale. All poultry going through our facility is USDA inspected. Plant capacity is approximately 3,000 chickens or 1,200 turkeys per day. Call or email Monday - Friday for an appointment or more information.

Petersburg Poultry Processing
1215 E Clary Street
Petersburg, IL 62675

217-501-2316 (Office)
Email: petersburgpoultry@gmail.com
USDA Inspected: Yes
State Licensed: yes
Services: We are now proud to offer the small and mid-sized poultry producers a real and economical option for slaughter. Offering USDA inspected, Certified Humane poultry slaughter of Turkeys, Chickens, and Gamebirds. Also offering Halal slaughter upon request. o serve our growing internal brands and also those of the many specialty brands of our customers we operate Breeding Farms, Hatchery, Feed Mill, and Processing. We are also available to help folks developing niche markets of their own. We are here to help you get started if there is something we can help you with please just ask.
Slaughtering Monday-Friday. Capacity of 500 birds per hour. No minimum quantity of birds per customer but a $50 minimum per batch does apply. USDA reviewed humain slaughter procedure. Air chilling available but water chilling standard.


Krehbiels Specialty Meats
1636 Mohawk Rd. 1636 Mohawk Rd.
McPherson, KS 67460

620-241-0103 (Office)
Services: Also provide specialty processing such as grinding, sausage production, etc.
They will process all types of poultry and livestock including ratites.


Central KY Custom Meats Inc.
6256 Key 1859
Liberty, KY 42539 - 8494

606-787-4851 (Office)
State Licensed: no
Services: Whole & Cut-Up, can do Organic Processing
Processes chickens, turkeys, and other poultry. May do waterfowl. Chickens - $3, Turkey - $8, CutUp - $1.50 extra.

Kentucky State University Mobile Processing Unit
Research and Demonstration Farm
1525 Mills Lane
Frankfort, KY 40601

Contact: Steve Skelton
502-597-7501 (Office)
Email: sskelton@gwmail.kysu.edu
USDA Inspected: Yes
State Licensed: state approved
A state-approved Mobile Processing Unit for small livestock, poultry, and aquaculture species is available for rent through KSU. The MPU is 20-foot long and 8-foot wide gooseneck cargo trailer with an enclosed aluminum shell. It is air-conditioned and fully equipped for slaughtering any kind of poultry. It is also approved for processing fresh water prawns, fin fish, caviar, and paddlefish. The MPU has a docking station designed to be parked beside a concrete pad where the killing, scalding and plucking can be done in the docking station. The evisceration and cleaning of the carcasses are done inside the MPU. The renter of the MPU must provide all of the labor; therefore the number of birds which can be butchered in one day depends on the skill and speed of the workers. The MPU’s equipment should be able to handle 400 birds per day. The MPU was designed in consultation with state and federal officials, and it was first available for use in 2001. It is federally exempt for up to 20,000 birds per individual user. It is also state approved by the KY Cabinet for Health Services. Birds processed in this MPU may be legally sold anywhere in KY. Currently the state approval applies to whole birds; cut-ups are allowed, and hear and livers may be kept. Persons who want to use the MP must first complete a one day training session to learn how to set up and operate it. This training session costs $75.00 per person. Person who successful complete this training are eligible to use the MPU for the next 2 years. Retraining is required annually (at a cost of $50.00 per person). A user agreement must be signed each time the MPU is rented. Person qualified to do halal or kosher processing could do that in this MPU as long as they have also completed the MPU operator training. Moving the MPU requires at least a ¾ ton truck with a gooseneck ball and electrical connection for the trailer lights and brakes. It must be used at an approved location (beside a concrete pad with electric and potable water supply, waste water disposal through an approved sewer, and an approved composting systems or other method of solid waste disposal). Operating cost is $75.00 for first 50 chicken and 75 cents for every chicken after. Turkeys are $75.00 for the first 5 and $3.50 for every turkey after. The MPU also has a vacuum packer. The producer must furnish their own bags or purchase them from us at our cost. The vacuum packer may or may be able to vacuum the turkeys depending on size. The MPU operates on a 7.50 hour day. Anything over the 7.5 hour is $10.00 per hour.


Green Akeys Farm Mobile Processing Trailer
2301 Cross Section Road
Westminster, MD 21158

Contact: Michael Akeys
443-340-9986 (Office)
State Licensed: no
Services: Mobile Processing Unit Delivered to Your Farm for Rent Within 60 miles from Westminster. Operate under your own exemption.
Renter Processes Own Chickens, Turkeys, Ducks, etc. $150/half day rental, $250 full day rental - delivery included. Call for further details & availability.


Rock Enon Poultry
40999 Sestak Rd
Russellville, MO 65074

Contact: Scott Hammann
573-301-9950 (Office)
Email: shammann@iland.net
USDA Inspected: Yes
State Licensed: Missouri
State-licensed poultry processing facility in Missouri


Nebraska Poultry Growers Nonstock Cooperative, Inc.
2235 K Rd
West Point, NE 68788

Contact: Mark & Molly Kvam, Randy Wattermann
402-685-5263 (Home)
402-372-5005 (Office)
Email: nebpoultry@gmail.com
State Licensed: yes
Services: chickens, turkeys, guineas
By appt only - generally Tuesdays and Thursdays during growing season. <br>Initial equity membership in co-op required - currently (Sept, 2010) is $20.

New Hampshire

Granite State Poultry and Processing, LLC
95 Spaulding Street
Milford, NH 03055

Contact: Lionel Lavoie, Jennifer Bourlier
603-554-5856 (Cell)
603-321-2157 (Cell)
Email: info@granitestatepoultry.com
State Licensed: No
Services: Chickens, Turkeys, Ducks and Geese processed.
We process on Saturdays and then on an on-call basis. We do not have a minimum number for processing. Please see website for pricing.

New Jersey

Goffle Road Poultry
549 Goffle Road
Wyckoff, NJ 07481

201-444-3238 (Office)
201-445-6676 (FAX)
State Licensed: yes
Services: *Note - NJ Regulations may not allow you to sell poultry unless processed yourself. Contact ATTRA for further information processes chickens, turkeys, ducks and geese. cut up and other value added options - grinding, etc offered (volume dependent).
Call for appointment and prices. no minimum. In the process of getting USDA Licensed, hopefully by the beginning of 2011.

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