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Farm Fresh Chicken, LLC
234 Kirkwall St
Broomfield, CO 80020

Contact: Jordan LeBlanc
813-830-1099 (Cell)
Email: info@farmfc.com
USDA Inspected: Yes
State Licensed: Yes
Services: Starting June 2016 Mobile on your farm Poultry Processing. Turkey, Broilers, Squab. Bird in bag, cutup.
State of Colorado 1,200 birds per day kill. USDA inspected. Offal and water to remain on your property. Ice Chill and possible air chill. Cost $3.50 per bird (5.5lbs live weight) in a bag using your staff to assist in processing + your propane, water and power based on 1,200 birds per day. Fee to transport MPPU to your site based on birds to be processed and distance. We will assist the farmer in developing a composting program and docking station. Water permit as per state law required.

Poultry Processing Solutions
15819 Spencer Rd
Peyton, CO 80831

Contact: Josh Christian
719-440-1376 (Cell)
Email: josh.christian@gmail.com
State Licensed: No
Services: poultry processing, Rabbit Processing
Poultry Processing Solutions is a Centeral Colorado Opperated processing service that can also be portable. Our operation is designed to go where customers are when there is enough work to justify the need. The services can be dictated by the customer, but the animals are only to be processed in a humane manner.

Rocky Mountain Poultry Processing
18920 WCR 100
Nunn, CO 80648

Contact: Doug Rice
970-897-3006 (Office)
Email: rmppnc@gmail.com
State Licensed: yes
Services: USDA inspected all poultry breeds and Rabbits. Poultry halved and quartered.
Call for days and times.

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