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Brummel Poultry Processing
3309 W, Rock Falls Rd
Rock Falls, IL 6171

815-632-3858 (Office)
USDA Inspected: Yes
State Licensed: No
Services: Processing of turkey and chicken. Whole packaging available. Quarters and halves also available.
Price sheet is available upon request.

Central Illinois Poultry Processing, LLC
119 N. County Road 000E
Arthur, IL 61911

217-543-2937 (Office)
Email: cipp@emypeople.net
USDA Inspected: Yes
Services: We have been providing Midwest poultry producers custom slaughter and package for chickens, turkeys, pheasants, quail, and guineas the past 20 years. We offer many vacuum packaging options with private labeling available. Most orders can be picked up the same day as slaughtered. We also raise our own chickens within a 10 mile radius of our plant and offer them wholesale. All poultry going through our facility is USDA inspected. Plant capacity is approximately 3,000 chickens or 1,200 turkeys per day. Call or email Monday - Friday for an appointment or more information.

Petersburg Poultry Processing
1215 E Clary Street
Petersburg, IL 62675

217-501-2316 (Office)
Email: petersburgpoultry@gmail.com
USDA Inspected: Yes
State Licensed: yes
Services: We are now proud to offer the small and mid-sized poultry producers a real and economical option for slaughter. Offering USDA inspected, Certified Humane poultry slaughter of Turkeys, Chickens, and Gamebirds. Also offering Halal slaughter upon request. o serve our growing internal brands and also those of the many specialty brands of our customers we operate Breeding Farms, Hatchery, Feed Mill, and Processing. We are also available to help folks developing niche markets of their own. We are here to help you get started if there is something we can help you with please just ask.
Slaughtering Monday-Friday. Capacity of 500 birds per hour. No minimum quantity of birds per customer but a $50 minimum per batch does apply. USDA reviewed humain slaughter procedure. Air chilling available but water chilling standard.

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