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Intercropping Principles and Production Practices


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By Preston Sullivan

Published: 2003

Updated: 2003



12 pages

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Intercropping offers farmers the opportunity to engage nature's principle of diversity on their farms. Spatial arrangements of plants, planting rates, and maturity dates must be considered when planning intercrops. Intercrops can be more productive than growing pure stands. Many different intercrop systems are discussed including mixed intercropping, strip cropping and traditional intercropping arrangements. Pest management benefits can also be realized from intercropping due to increased diversity. Harvesting options for intercrops include hand harvest, machine harvest for on-farm feed, and animal harvest of the standing crop.

Table of Contents

Pursuing Diversity on the Farm
Intercropping Concepts
Intercrop Productivity
Managing Intercrops
Examples of Intercrop Systems
Escalating Diversity and Stability to a Higher Level
Escalating Diversity and Stability to an Even Higher Level
Intercropping for Disease Control
Adapting Intercropping to Your Farm

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