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Forms, Documents, and Sample Letters for Organic Producers


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By George Kuepper , Jim Riddle and Joyce Ford, Cissy Bowman, Meg Moynihan

Published: 2005

Updated: 2005



20 pages

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Organic farmers and ranchers must provide a wide range of documents to retain certification with the National Organic Program. This publication provides sample copies of eleven common forms, letters, maps, and other documents in current use, including Land Use History Verification, Adjoining Land Use Verification, Sample Farm Inspection Report Form, and Exempt Organic Farm Affidavit.

Table of Contents

Land Use History Verification
Neighbor Notification Letter
Adjoining Land Use Verification
—Option A.
—Option B.
Clean Transport Affidavit
Complaint Log
GMO-Free Affidavit–Production
GMO-Free Affidavit–Input Purchases
Transaction Certificate (TC) Authorization
Sample Farm Inspection Report Form
Sample Farm Map
Exempt Organic Farm Affidavit

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