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Considerations in Organic Hog Production


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By Lance Gegner

Published: 2001

Updated: 2001



43 pages

Please note: This ATTRA publication has been archived or discontinued.
Therefore, the information contained in it may not be up to date.


Part of the Organic Matters series designed to speed the flow of technical information to those engaged in organic production, this 43-page publication focuses on areas of hog production that relate specifically to National Organic Program compliance.

Table of Contents

Sustainable Organic Agriculture
The Animal Welfare Issue
What the USDA Rule Requires
Understanding Hogs
Nesting and Farrowing Behaviors
Pastured Pork Production
Pasture Farrowing
Pasture Finishing
Housing Considerations
Space Requirements
Access to Outdoors
Swedish Deep-Straw Farrowing Systems
Deep-Straw Hooped Shelters
More Traditional Types of Open Buildings and Lots
Treated Lumber
Husbandry Practices to Reduce Stress
Handling Practices
Weaning Practices
Physical Alterations
Identification Methods
Teeth Clipping of Baby Pigs
Tail Docking
Ringing of Sows and Pigs
Tusk Removal
Other Hog Health Issues
Sick Animal Practices
Iron Supplements for Baby Pigs
A Selection of Relevant Research, Writings, & Resources
Some Thoughts on Marketing
In Closing

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