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Pastures: Going Organic


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By George L. Kuepper and Alice Beetz

Published: 2006

Updated: 2006



20 pages

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This publication is an introduction to regulations related to organic pasture and rangeland in the United States. Organically certified land is described under The National Organic Program, including activities and materials that are allowed or prohibited. Fertility, weed, and insect pest management issues are briefly addressed. Organic integrity is discussed, including records required to demonstrate compliance with the National Organic Standards. References and resources follow the narrative.

Table of Contents

What Does "Organic" Mean?
Organic as a Biological System
The Soil Food Web
Natural, Conventional, and Organic Approaches to Plant Nutrition
Nitrogen in Organic Systems
Legume Nitrogen
Managing Manure in the Pasture
Supplemental Nitrogen Fertility
Managing Phosphorus, Potash and other Essential Nutrients
Soil Amendments and the Organic Rule
Organic Strategies and Considerations for Weed Management
Cultural Practices for Weed Management
Mechanical Means of Weed Management
Biological Control of Weeds
Forage Diseases and Insect Pests
How to Tell What Is Allowed and What Is Prohibited
Organic Integrity
Land Requirements
Transition Period
Soil Protection
Maintaining Organic Integrity
Seed and Planting Stock
Documents to Keep
Further Resources

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