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Worms for Bait or Waste Processing (Vermicomposting)


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By Alice Beetz

Published: 2010

Updated: 2010



20 pages

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This publication is for entrepreneurs interested in a commercial earthworm enterprise. Information about vermiculture – raising earthworms for bait or feed – is included. Information about using these worms, usually Eisenia fetida, to process waste into vermicompost is also included. Vermicompost is used in nurseries or the landscape industry as an ingredient in potting soil mixes and performs pest and disease control functions as a soil amendment. Production and marketing issues are covered for both types of earthworm businesses. Whether you are raising worms for bait or using them to produce vermicompost, you will need to learn how to raise earthworms. For your worm-based business, you will have to separate earthworms from their growing environment and sell your product—either the worms or the vermicompost.

Many people use earthworms on a much smaller scale for processing their personal garbage as a means to reduce the amount of their garbage going to the landfill. This publication has information that can serve this audience as well.

Table of Contents

Produce earthworms or use worms for processing?
Raising worms
Feeds and bedding
Worm bin ecology
Separating worms from vermicompost
Marketing worms and vermicompost
Economics and budget
A word about pyramid schemes
What about certifying worms or vermicompost as organic?
Further resources

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