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Documentation Forms for Organic Crop and Livestock Producers


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By Ann Baier

Published: March 2011

Updated: 2011



51 pages

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There are three types of documentation that enable accredited certifying agents (certifiers) to verify a producer's compliance with the National Organic Program (NOP) Regulations:

a) The producer's records of farm/livestock operation activities
b) The Organic System Plan (OSP)
c) Audit trail documents (e.g., purchase invoices, organic certificates, contracted custom application or harvest records, soil test results, sales invoices, etc.)

This publication provides a set of documentation forms to help producers of organic crops and livestock record their on-farm practices and production activities. These sample forms provide templates to help farmers organize the records that will be reviewed at inspection.

Table of Contents

Use of Documentation Forms
National Organic Program (NOP) Regulations: Recordkeeping Requirements for Organic Certification
Available Templates: Select Forms that Work for Your Operation
A Note about Tracking Time and Money
Feedback Invited for Ongoing Improvement of Forms
Documentation Forms for Organic Crop Producers
Documentation Forms for Organic Livestock Producers

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