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Organic System Plan Template for Crop and/or Livestock Production


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Published: March 2011

Updated: 2011



53 pages

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The forms in this 53-page package are provided as tools that farmers can use for documenting practices, inputs, and activities to demonstrate compliance with regulations or to assist in other aspects of farm record keeping.

Table of Contents

Forms Checklist
Land Requirements
Natural Resource Management
Crop Production Overview
Seed and Planting Stock
Soil Management and Crop Rotation
Pest, Disease and Weed Management & Monitoring
Prevention of Commingling & Contamination
Materials List
Recordkeeping, Audit Trail and Labeling
Greenhouse Crop Production
Compost and Manure Use and/or Production
Crop Post-Harvest Handling
Wild Crop Harvest
Livestock Production Overview
Origin of Livestock
Livestock Living Conditions
Livestock Health Care
Feed Rations
Livestock Recordkeeping, Labeling and Audit Trail
On-Farm Handling of Livestock Production
Pasture for Ruminant Livestock

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