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Guide for Organic Processors


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By Pamela Coleman

Published: November 2012

Updated: November 2012



52 pages

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This publication serves as a guide for farmers who wish to add value to their organic crops through processing. It explains the USDA organic regulations that are relevant to farmers who wish to process their organic crops and label or sell the product as organic.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Considerations for Organic Processing
Chapter 3: Getting Started in Organic Processing
Chapter 4: Deciding Whether Organic Certification is Required
Chapter 5: USDA Organic Regulations
Chapter 6: Product Composition of Organic Processed Foods
Chapter 7: Labeling Organic Foods
Chapter 8: The Certification Process
Chapter 9: The Organic System Plan for Handlers
Chapter 10: Nonagricultural Ingredients
Chapter 11: Agricultural Ingredients
Chapter 12: The Audit Trail
Chapter 13: Preparing for an Organic Inspection
Chapter 14: Storage and Pest Management
Chapter 15: Resources

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